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    STEELE & JONES Washington Fedora, our new shade of grey felt

    There’s has been too much debate about the Washington-Travel Raiders fedora, about being some shade of brown, being grey, being a darker grey, having a wider ribbon…many opinions, so we guess it’s up to everyone to choose the hat they like, and that is it.

    As usual, we won’t claim to have any ultimate colour, any secret hard to find part, or having met anyone who worked in the films in the 80s who has any indisputable information or proof of anything. As fans, we just do our on resarch with what we all find available (screen shots, production pics, etc), and then we try to figure out how every piece of gear we belive it was, and then we try to make our version of it. Just that...our version. If you like it, fine. If you don't...fine, too...

    This time we present a new bluish shade of grey felt for our Washington-Travel Fedora, the Viajero'36. We belive this colour matches better a blue suit, so that's why we moved from our previous lighter grey to this new felt, though we will continue using the lighter for those who require it, and for our Viajero '57 fedoras aswell.

    About the ribbon, though it's not completely clear for us if was it the same width as in the brown fedora, or was it slightly wider, we decided to offer both...our regular 1 1/2" back ribbon, and a vintage 1 3/4" black ribbon which is sold by the yard, and is pretty expensive (ribbon bty + shipping + taxes), but we belive those few milimeters really make a difference and it was worth to offer it for some extra money for those who preffer it.

    Hope you enjoy this presentation, which took many hours of analysing pics, many hours of searching felt and ribbons, and some hours of shooting pics on a 32°C (90F) Sunday morning at a public building where we had no permission to enter or take pics...

    There are much more pics of our different grey fedoras and ribbons under different light conditions, and general info on this project aswell in this Photobucket album…I invite you to click any of the pics and continue watching…

    Thanks for reading!

    PS: Special thanks to MAC who point us some addresses of where to search for ribbons, and Indy Magnoli for his wonderful Indy Ties which I really reccomend.

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    Re: STEELE & JONES Washington Fedora, our new shade of grey felt

    Really liking that dark grey!




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