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    Wested heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin

    HI there!
    I am a new member of the forum, I was a member of another forum years ago. I lost my interest in that forum then, but I thought I would get back into it with a this one. I have been a gear head since 'Crystal Skull' came out 8 years ago. It rekindled my love for the Indiana Jones films and I don't remember how I stumbled onto the whole gear thing, but I did and I have a lot of fun with it. Even when I go camping I dress up in my gear because why not? My kids sure love it. And I won the Halloween costume contest last year at my day job, I beat out my boss it was great!

    I have a Wested Raiders in horsehide for many years now, it's an awesome jacket that I treat like a baby. I do take that one camping depending on weather, etc. or I take the Cotton Raiders that I have. I am considering updating some of my gear. Replacing my Dorfman fedora that I bashed myself as best I could, replacing the pants sooner or later because I have trashed the other pairs I have used for years. And then there's the jacket, I have been toying around with either getting a Wested Hero or a custom made without the leather facings. Even toyed around with a Bill Kelso, but the Wested calls out to me because it costs less and I think the quality is top notch. Gibson & Barnes is out since they have discontinued the Expedition.

    But I am considering getting another jacket mainly because I could use a dressier jacket. So here's my main question: Has anyone here gotten the jacket in the heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin? It looks awesome to me because it has that vintage look that would age well and maybe give the jacket a nice but beaten up look to it. And it would be lighter than my horsehide which I can only wear at 65 degrees and below.


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    Re: Wested heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin

    I just recently got a Hero in the heavy pre-distressed Lambskin and I love it! It has the classic sort of leather shop smell and rumples up to have a nice, old friend kind of look right away. It is NOT in any way screen accurate as it is more orange-y tan (at least the batch used in my jacket) and I'm usually a stickler for that sort of thing, but it's become one of my favorite jackets to wear regardless. The edges all have wear from the construction of the jacket - very nice effect. I think they get different shades in the hides so you could maybe ask for the darkest hides they have in stock.

    I was totally pleased with this Wested. I've had a bunch over the years and really, for a pleasurable jacket to wear, this is it. I would also caution though, it will not in any way be as weather proof as your horsehide. I've ordered a goatskin version for that very reason.

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    Re: Wested heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin

    I've got the Hero in the standard Dark Brown Lambskin and i love it .. the Jackets been distressed by hand which gives it a more realistic look .. the leather is very hard wearing .. I have to say its a weird one to get used to .. it feels initially like its at least a size too big but its the first jacket i've had that flows, drapes and hangs as it does onscreen. Its incredibly comfortable to wear .. the only extra things i asked for we

    1.5 inch Storm flap
    1 inch side vents
    1.5 extra on the sleeves (i'd go with 1' .. given the hang off the shoulder

    Its absolutely spot on .. i can't fault it ... this is the best Indy jacket i've ever had bar none .. to the point where i'm gonna order a second one with TOD tweeks when i get a chance in the same skin .. the taper on the arms is beautiful.


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    Anything can happen doll. its a long way to Delhi!

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    Re: Wested heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin

    In fairness having just posted about utterly destroying a jacket by buggering about with the distressing to the point of oblivion ... i should be careful what i say about it! lol
    Anything can happen doll. its a long way to Delhi!

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    Re: Wested heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin

    Thanks Tibor for the thoughts. I was thinking that goat would be a good middle ground as it is light and has a unique texture to it. I have a Willis & Geiger A2 that I think is goat and it is light as a feather compared to my horsehide Indy.

    So when comes to the Hero, what is a best way of approaching the measurements? I ask because of how the jacket is cut, it's obviously not cut as the or a regular jacket. And from Wested's blog they talk about this in a post from awhile back. From what they showed and discussed because of how everything hangs, the back ought to be shorter and so would the sleeves. Any more thoughts on that?

    I was thinking of just getting a regular custom without the inside leather facings to make it like the hero because that cut fits me perfectly, but the Hero is soon tempting and I have heard nothing but good things.

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    Re: Wested heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin

    Honestly, I love the heavy pre-distressed Lambskin, and just ordered the goat as a bad weather back up. Sizing wise, my adjustment is to make the back length about 1.5 inches shorter on the Hero and the sleeves about an inch shorter. When you zip it up when it's cold, the shoulders of the Hero pull back up onto your shoulders a bit. Another difference is the Hero zipper is nickel colored and goes all the way to the bottom whereas the ROLA is bronze/brown and stops an inch or so from the bottom depending on the size. The Hero gives you the slouchy "Raiders" look and I like that.

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    Re: Wested heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin

    Could you post a few pics of your jacket in the heavy duty lambskin? I want to get an idea of how it looks.


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    Re: Wested heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin

    I've been curious to see an Indy jacket in the heavy duty pre-distressed as well.

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    Re: Wested heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin

    When I get home tonight I'll take a pic or two with a Kelso for comparison.

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    Re: Wested heavy duty pre-distressed lambskin

    Hero in Pre-distressed lamb (flash)

    Hero with Kelso

    Hero with Fed IV

    These are all indoors with flash, and I think the Hero is a little less yellowish in person.
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