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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Thank you for all the kind words. Wested came so close to hitting the mark for me.
    I’ll write up the Magnoli review in a couple days, but for right now, thanks for the tips! What’s nice about the Magnoli is that it’s very lightweight, surprisingly close to twice as light as the Wested. I’ll be deciding whether or not to keep it after I receive the S&J. The details are spot on, as you can tell in the pictures. Unfortunately, the arms feel too short (and might shrink more with water treatment), and the length is long than I like. I prefer my Indy jackets to be fairly short SA LC length, reminiscent of an A2.

    The pocket flaps seem to bother me more and more, and if it didn't fit me so perfectly I'd probably get rid of it. That's a great idea about maybe going to a leather tailor and having them see if they could fix it. After some digging for pocket flap info last night - mostly through lots of useful and useless threads on COW - I found this diagram made by Zoltar for his LC (which I really like).

    Based on that diagram, I could potentially have a leather tailor simply trim the sides of each flaps and end up with a much more SA flap.
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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Yeah well..forget the water treatment idea then

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    UPDATE: I wrote the text below over a month ago, but hadn’t gotten around to posting it yet (thanks to the busy life of a teacher). My S&J jacket is still a little ways off from any arrival, but to pass the time I did some distressing on my Wested, and it’s looking a lot better! Pics of that are coming. Meanwhile, here’s my review of my Magnoli.

    Part 2: Magnoli Clothiers Jacket

    As I mentioned before, I nabbed a Magnoli version #3 on eBay rather unexpectedly (you know purchases like that). To preface this, I’m a long-time Magnoli Clothiers customer. I have loved everything I’ve bought from them, including multiple Indy bags, journals, shirt, and several ‘Jack Bauer’ cotton jackets. On that note, this jacket was made for someone else, so I knew the measurements would not be perfect.

    What type of hide is it? That’s a good question. The seller posted it as lightweight cowhide, but it doesn’t feel like that at all. The weight and grain make me think it has to be either lamb or goat. This jacket is VERY lightweight, maybe even half the weight of my lamb Wested! It’s also lighter than my old US Wings featherweight lamb Legend. I took a bit of sandpaper to it, and it did not distress at all, so I’m fairly certain it’s goat. Easily strong enough to withstand moderate to heavy use.

    The star points of this jacket are the details, and they are fantastic! As has been reported before, the measurements were allegedly taken directly from the Smithsonian jacket, and that is definitely true, from what I can see. Many specs are similar to or mirror my Wested. The collar is 3” all around (no taper), and the collar stand is 1”, and it sports single-stitched seams and no hem stitch. The only thing that seems off is (once again!) the pocket flaps. They are more akin to the simple rectangle look than the SA rounded scallop. The lining is a high quality black satin, and there are no leather facings, so it curls out naturally and screen-accurately. Stitching is tight, and the leather is tough; it feels very Indy-like. The satin lining is very nice, and makes for a comfy costume jacket, though I personally greatly prefer cotton lining (which I know Tony could get for you).

    Surprisingly, I find this jacket very uncomfortable. I had heard rumor that the LC style was not comfy, and if this is what it feels like, I am now a believer! It just kind of hangs off my body at weird angles. Fit-wise, the sleeves are too short for me, and the chest is too large. I think the chest size was made for someone whose chest pushed out more than mine, and the armholes are almost too far back for me, making it seem both too large and too small! The back length is 27”, which is too long for the look I prefer, but very comfy for a casual jacket. The lack of gussets give me quite the flying squirrel effect, and it’s even less comfy when zipped up. Here's some pics:







    So many people have great experiences with Magnoli, I know if you want one of these made for you, it will be a near perfect fit if you measure properly. If this was heavily and properly distressed, it would be a dead ringer for the ‘beach’ scene jacket. Some water treatment and breaking in might help it fit me better, but I can’t run the risk of the sleeves shrinking any more!! I’m on the fence though: wearing it makes me strongly consider selling, whereas looking at my own pictures here makes me want to keep it! Will probably pass it on soon, because I won’t need three LC jackets in the closet, but this one truly is a beauty.

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    My search for the perfect LC jacket has come to an end - for now - as my S&J LC has arrived! I’ve purchased many Indy jackets over the years, but this is definitely the first time I have been TOTALLY satisfied! I feel like I stole the jacket off the set! It was definitely worth the wait, and I couldn’t be happier with the fit.

    PLEASE NOTE: This thing is hard to photograph! Unfortunately my cheap old camera did not like working with me today (and I don’t own a smartphone), so the pictures don’t pick up a lot of the nuances. The leather is not as thin as it looks, and is smoother than it appears on the screen. The distressing seems to pick up the light a lot, and it’s definitely not as ’glossy’ as it might look. The distressing itself is very hard to photograph also. The color also seems to morph, but it’s definitely dark brown, not as ‘russet’ as it looks outside. I color-corrected as best I could, and for reference I’m wearing a Wested shirt.

    Front (first pic is best colour match):






    My jacket was order #53, in pre-distressed premium cowhide. Fits exactly like I wanted, and for cowhide, the leather is very light-weight, even lighter than my Wested up above. I asked for black lining and Diego delivered! As soon as I slipped it on and looked in the mirror, it looked like I had just boarded the zeppelin and was about to sit down next to Sean Connery. It might not be a perfect match to what’s on screen sometimes, but I will say this: I like this jacket more than the one in the movie, which is something I’d never thought I’d say when it comes to an Indy jacket. I will try to get some better pictures soon.

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Looks absolutely fantastic!
    Out here not knowing a dang thing.

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    They could have used it in the movie

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Hands down the best LC jacket I've ever seen.

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Quote Originally Posted by Weston View Post
    Hands down the best LC jacket I've ever seen.
    Second that!!

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Thanks for the kind words!
    Great review!

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Here’s a couple pics with the jackets I’ve acquired recently. Complete gear list is at the bottom, though I chose not to be SA because it was really hot outside, my Wested shirt is awol, and my Todd’s uptowner needs a serious reblocking.

    Kelso Relic Hunter, Cairo version, in seal goatskin:

    Wested ToD in authentic brown lamb:

    Wested LC custom in authentic brown lamb:

    S&J LC in premium cowhide:

    Indoor shots showing the two LC’s with flash:

    Notable gear…
    Bag: Magnoli mk VII
    Belt: Strait City dark brown military
    Gun: Webley mk VI (weathered BB gun version)
    Gunbelt: Wade Egan ToD
    Holsters: Todd’s Raiders and IMA-USA Webley
    Pants: Kmart generic
    Shirt: Sams Club Field & Stream Outdoor
    Strap: Make-It-Jones ToD
    Whip: Caicedo 10ft
    Whip holders: Crease N Corral double-wrap and Wade Egan KotCS
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