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    Photoss's Indy Gear

    Dusted off most of my Indy stuff and took it for a spin this week! Now that school's over, I can go adventuring again without having to think, "Will I have enough energy to teach classes tomorrow?" My gear is an amalgam of items from every movie, since I like different pieces of gear from each film.
    Hat: Coyle's Uptowner, with a loose LC-style bash
    Jackets: US Wings Legend Lambskin & Legend Steerhide
    Shirt: Magnoli Adventure shirt (stone, circa '08, w/darker buttons)
    Trousers: Kirkland dress pants
    Bag: Magnoli (circa '0
    Bag strap: Todd's
    Belt: Todd's Raiders
    Gunbelt: Wade Egan ToD
    Gun: unfinished WG replica (can't remember, Todd's? Wade's? hmm...)
    Holster: IMA-USA Webley replica
    Whip holder: Wade Egan KotCS
    Whip: Cheap Mexican-made 'toy' whip
    Gloves: Todd's undistressed
    Flashlight: Replica
    Shoes: Clark's Newbern

    Steerhide jacket:

    Lambskin jacket:

    My favourite idol prop, the mighty Cthulhu!

    The jackets are the only thing undergoing a revision this summer. I'm selling both of the ones above, and replacing them with a larger-sized Lambskin Legend, and a S&J Last Crusade in thin cowhide.

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Quote Originally Posted by Photoss View Post
    Dusted off most of my Indy stuff and took it for a spin this week!

    Whip: Cheap Mexican-made 'toy' whip

    All the gear looks good aside from the whip, but really, I barely noticed that. Sharp-looking!

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Good pictures and great looking gear!

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Wow, for non Indy pants they sure have the look and color!! Nice job! Can't wait to see your new jackets when you get em.

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    I've updated almost every piece of gear since my first post up above. Most notably, I've added a new Caicedo whip that Tibor GIFTED me! People in our hobby are awesome (and yes, someday when I replace it, I'll gift it once again). As far as jackets, I'm still waiting for my S&J, but it should be done in the next few weeks. The US Wings Legend I was waiting for turned out to be fine in the chest but way too long, and I didn't care for the colour. I've since sold all my US Wings and acquired a new Wested LC and a used Magnoli LC (which was not the plan, but more of an opportunity, haha). I'm in the middle of writing reviews for them, and I'll go outside and take some new gear pics soon.

    In the meantime, here's my new Wingun Webley mk VI. I bought the weathered (labelled 'shabby') version from EhobbyAsia, that fits the 6mm airsoft bb's. (I would have preferred the .177 pellet version, but haven't been able to find that.) It's a fantastic replica and worthy holster-stuffer. Decently priced at $175 plus shipping, which only took about a week from overseas. If you're thinking about getting one, join EhobbyAsia's email list, and wait for a sale. They seem to have a 10%-15% off sale every other month or so, and definitely will with the holidays coming up.

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Thank you for the Webley tip Can't wait to see your jacket reviews on the Wested and Magnolia LC. Will be interested in seeing compares against the S&J's that's also coming. Do the Wested and Magnolia fit you better than the US Wings?

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Quote Originally Posted by neutronbomb View Post
    Thank you for the Webley tip Can't wait to see your jacket reviews on the Wested and Magnolia LC. Will be interested in seeing compares against the S&J's that's also coming. Do the Wested and Magnolia fit you better than the US Wings?
    I'm interested in seeing the jacket differences as well, and looking forward to laying them side by side. Diego sent me some pictures of one of the recent S&J's, and it looks incredible!

    I never had a great fit with Wings, as I mentioned in another thread (always seemed too 'full' and heavy, and I could never find a good length). The Magnoli fits okay though not great, but the Wested fits wonderfully! Granted, the Magnoli I got used off ebay, and the Wested was made for me, so that's to be expected.

    Interestingly, as I'll note in the review, the Magnoli is very uncomfortable compared to the Wested, but the Magnoli actually looks more SA on me than the Wested.

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    I've always wanted a Last Crusade jacket, ever since I saw the movie. I felt like the LC was THE Indy jacket. While I'm waiting for my S&J to show up, I decided to get a Wested to fill the niche of a ‘nice’ work jacket that didn’t look like I had been punching nazis on a tank all morning before school (I'm a teacher, so it's ties and slacks every day). I did hours of research on various Indy and jacket forums prior to purchase, and came up with some pretty accurate, though not perfect, specs. movie-screencaps.com also proved useful.

    Here were my specifics and requests. Not all of these are screen-accurate, nor did I want all screen-accurate details:
    Jacket Size: 46*chest
    Sleeve Length: 25”
    Back Length: 26”
    Skin Type: Authentic Brown Lambskin*
    Lining Type: All Cotton*
    Side Straps: D Rings*
    Gussets: Yes
    — Special Requests —
    1. NO leather facings.
    2. Black cotton lining, sleeves and body.
    3. Single-stitched seams on sleeves, no overstitch at back of arm, plain butted seam like the front sleeve seam.
    4. Simple piped inside pocket.
    5. Antique brass zipper.
    6. Collar 3.25” at the end points and 2.75” tapered in the back (adding 1/4" to the current LC/CS collar pattern).
    7. Collar stand 7/8”.
    8. Rounded collar points (not pointy like Crystal Skull).
    9. Top of storm flap squared-off, not tapered.
    10. Storm flap width 1.75”.
    11. Pockets raised off the hem of the jacket, base of pockets 2.75” above bottom of jacket.
    12. Pockets 7.25” tall x 6.5” wide.
    13. Well defined Last Crusade scalloped flaps with rounded-centre (not pointy like CS).
    14. Large pocket flaps that snap on midway down the pockets.
    15. Dark or antique coloured D-rings.
    16. “Leather Concessionaires” label tag.

    The order took exactly one month, as I ordered on September 8th and received it on October 8th. Here it is:

    Front zipped:

    As with most Wested orders, they hit a good 75%-90% of your requests. I was pleased that most of mine got in there. As you can see it has its pros and cons.

    - The comfiest and best jacket fit I’ve ever had. The cotton lining is far superior to all the nylon and satin linings I’ve had.
    - Feels great zipped or unzipped (which isn’t the case with many LC jackets)
    - Beautiful lambskin leather that feels buttery soft, but still has heft (heavier than Wested’s old lamb).
    - Nice warm brown color, with a dusty brown undertone (from what I’ve seen).
    - The lack of leather facings makes the zipper have that perfect screen-accurate wave.
    - The collar seems very SA (depending on the scene).
    - Pockets are placed exactly how I wanted.
    - Gussets feel good, and give you little of that flying-squirrel look.

    - Those pocket flaps: I have a love-hate relationship with the pocket flaps. They are beefy and full (which I wanted) but they are simply too big. They look better/worse depending on the angle that you look at them. (They are definitely like no flaps I’ve ever seen!)
    - The collar stand is not 7/8”, but rather 1.25”
    - Zipper makes an annoying jingle because it is a 3-section zipper. Should’ve asked for a simpler one.
    - Back pleats are a little too deep, and tend to stick out.
    - The back panel seems a bit big.

    Suggestions: If you’re looking to have Wested make you a SA LC, I’d recommend sending them pictures and diagrams of the exact details you want. Also, I neglected to raise the D-rings up an inch or two, and for screen accuracy I should’ve asked for no stitch on the bottom hem. These are small things, but still things we care about around here. You might need to nicely pester them a bit about some of your requests, or else they might forget a thing here or there.

    All in all, I like the jacket quite a lot. To be SA it would need a lot of distressing, but for what it is now, it’s perfect for me. The only thing I would definitely change would be the pocket flaps. At least I'd rather the flaps were too large than too small! The other things are minimal, and I really feel like I’m slipping on a LC jacket when I put it on. When the weather stops being 100ºf on weekends, I’ll head off into the wilderness for some gear pics.

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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Great write-up on your Wested jacket. Seriously nice work I agree with you on the points you made. Both the pros and the cons and your overall assessment. Well done. The flaps are a toughie. Don't know what went wrong there, but like you mentioned, most everyone knows the deal with Wested. Over the years the jackets they've allowed to leave their shop makes one just shake their head.

    In your case, you have a nice jacket with a fantastic fit. After acquiring so many jackets myself, I'm a firm believer that the fit is not to be underestimated. I clicked on the links you provided and scrolled through and saw the magnoli. You mentioned the fit isn't as nice as the Wested. Is it a bit tight? One thing you might try with it if you aren't very concerned about reselling it or keeping it pristine is to get it wet and then wear it until dry and letting it mold to your body. Zipping it up and hunching your shoulders forward and trying to touch your elbows together in front of your body to get a good pull across the back. Then standing in a doorway and doing like a deep push-up across the frame and then holding it to basically get a good pull and stretch across the chest. Whatever you can do to get the leather to mold around your body while it drys. Wearing it throughout the day all the way zipped up and if possible sleeping through the night with it after you have soaked it is something I've had great success with in helping get a jacket to give a better fit. Be careful and go slow though if you do decide to give it a go as you don't want to pop the stitches.
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    Re: Photoss's Indy Gear

    Very nice review! I agree that those pocket flaps are a bit "wonky". It seems that every time I'm about to pronounce (to myself anyway) that Wested has their quality control issues fixed, something like the flaps happen. They are still more consistent than they used to be, I think.

    Since the jacket is really a nice fit, I'm wondering if you couldn't have a competent leather tailor fix the flaps. It seems it would be a relatively easy fix to shorten them. I'm not sure what you could do about the hole for the snap on the pocket though. I'm just wondering because, in this situation, I could see the flaps "wearing" on me until I didn't like the jacket and eventually sold it off. I've done this with other jackets I've owned. Hopefully, you don't have my affliction though.

    *Actually, after looking at the pictures again, I'm not sure the snap hole would be that much of a problem. I think if you could get a leather tailor to recut the flaps to a more correct length, they could cut the new flaps to where the tip of the flaps would just cover the spot where the old snaps were. You could have the holes patched and no one could see the repair. You would know it was there, but that would be it.
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    Out here not knowing a dang thing.


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