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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    That looks pretty darn AMAZING!!! By far the BEST and most accurate LC jacket!

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Our friend Brian let us post pictures of his new LC jacket:

    "I'm in love with my new Steele & Jones '38 jacket..."

    More pictures here:


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    Artifact Aficionado JeffDJ's Avatar
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    Feb 2013

    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Wow, 'tis a beautiful thing! I looked at the other photos too, and this jacket looks like it came right off the movie set! Great job!

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Thank you Jeff!

    I can safely say I've found the perfect LC leather now.
    I'm so happy with it.-

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Another LC jacket

    in Chocolate Premium Hide
    with screen-acurate distressing.

    All pictures here:


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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    WOW Diego!!! That's a thing of beauty!! I do believe that you are officially the first one to accurately (as far as one can tell) reproduce ALL of the jackets from the first three movies. That's quite a challenge to accept! Congrats!!

    What is the weight of this hide? Is it comparable to lambtouch?
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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J


    Jacket in 44 size = about 3 pounds (or 1.350 kg)
    Normal weight. Not heavy, not light.

    I'm not familiar with lambtouch.-

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Looks good. I'm starting to fall in love with the LC jacket. It was my least favorite jacket, and I think it looks a bit lifeless in the first half of the movie but it really comes into it's own in the third act with the tank chase sequence. That's when I think it looks awesome.
    The search for the jacket is the search for the divine, in all of us.

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Hi Diego

    That jacket looks brilliant .... and consistently brilliant to boot. Very well done and hearty congrats to the new owners .....

    Sniff ... i may need to buy! ... Must resist ... must resist!!! lol
    Anything can happen doll. its a long way to Delhi!

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    Grizzled Grave Robber Knight of the Round Table crismans's Avatar
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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    I gave in an placed my order this week. Looking foward to getting this jacket more than I have one in a long time!
    Out here not knowing a dang thing.


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