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    Indy III jacket, by S&J

    The most difficult replica we've try to do.
    Maybe, because we don't have a close enough jacket replica to study and use as starting point. Or perhaps because this is a very different jacket from the previous...I don't know.

    Remember, NOT the final prototype or patterns.

    We still need to tweak the collar and pockets, for a more screen accurate look.

    However, it looks and fits nice.
    When I have some time, I'll try to do a couple of pictures in full Indy gear, to show that we nailed the lenght and front/back proportions.

    The distressing job (very distinctive on this style) was done BEFORE assembly. So, no thread was compromised.

    The leather I used for this jacket was a very thick and heavy (but soft and pliabe), smooth Merino Sheepskin. IMO, the original leather of this jacket.
    Unfortunately, this was the last skins we had, and we can't find more for a re-stock (we keep looking).
    Our "Chocolate Premium Cowhide" will work great on this style. Perfect thickness, weight and softness for an LC jacket.

    Please, tell me what do you think of it.


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    Grizzled Grave Robber Knight of the Round Table crismans's Avatar
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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Looking fantastic so far! You know I have watching/waiting for this one with a LOT of anticipation. The distressing seems spot on! Since this is a prototype, I hope you won't mind if I say that my only quibble is, that when worn, the pockets seem a bit too high. I know the pockets on the LC rode high, but this seem just a bit too much. Maybe only 1/2 an inch or even less too high. Of course, it could just be my aging eyes seeing things wrong.

    Okay, maybe one more little quibble, is that the sleeves on the LC jacket were a little more tapered, I believe. That was one of the things I liked about that jacket over, say, Tony's CS was the sleeves weren't as billowy.

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    Out here not knowing a dang thing.

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    I think it looks great so far. Besides the premium cow, what other skins will you be offering for this jacket?

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Man you definitely nailed the look...the collar, storm flap, side strap placement!! The distressing is fabulous!!! The pockets don't seem too high IMO but I do agree with crismans assessment of the sleeves. After a few tweaks like you say I think you might just have the best LC jacket out there!!! I LOVE my ToD jacket and I'm not even curious if there's a better version of it elsewhere. YOU NAILED IT DUDE!!!

    This factory does amazing work and the wait is well worth it. GREAT JOB!!!

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    An adjustment I'd make to each of your jackets is to take about 1/2 to 1 inch out from just below the back collar. It tends to ride too high on the average anatomy and then as worn can scrunch down leaving a wrinkling/bunching of leather between the shoulder line and the collar stand in back. I see a bit of that happening already in your pics above.

    That said, WOW. Absolutely brilliant work!

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Thanks for the feedback!
    I can see the details you are pointing, and I'll correct the patterns accordingly.

    Besides the Premium Cowhide, we will post the skins available soon.


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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Stunning jacket, mate! Just perfect tones.

    I second (third?) the sleeve comments.

    Nitpicking for perfection, are the height / angle / curve of the pocket flaps quite right?

    Collar flaps look great! Are there some more shots available with the collar in its place properly? It's such a key part of the look, it would be great to see it nailed.

    Any chance you could offer it in a thin horsehide with a bit of character?

    "Go then, there are other worlds than these." ~ Jake Chambers

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Diego, sir, are there any updates concerning this jacket? Awaiting in eager anticipation on this jacket project.

    And before anyone asks, yes, my avatar is meant as a "tongue in cheek" joke.
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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J


    When opened the post on my PC, and saw your avatar my face went:

    The first LC jacket is on the way home.
    We will have to wait until the owner post public pics of it.


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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    LMBO. Didn't mean to frighten you with the avatar, sir. And, rest assured, I am not him nor has my account been...ahem...hacked.

    Hopefully, the owner will post pictures of the FIRST "Steele and Jones" "Last Crusade" jacket soon. And hopefully...PROBABLY...NOT the last "Steele and Jones" "Last Crusade" jacket produced.
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