For all its popularity, Blade Runner hasn't seen a whole lot of official merchandise. The bulk of items out there are unlicensed and rare- extremely difficult to find. We're going to take a look at a few separate Blade Runner souvenirs, namely: Deckard's handgun, holster, and a few articles of clothing available.

The Plager Katsumate Series-D blaster

This weapon has a fancy name; astute readers will also note that the initials also stand for Phillip K Dick, the author of the book on which Blade Runner was based. I have three versions of this gun, the first being a replica from a company named Marco Enterprises. This company fashioned numerous pieces of sci-fi weaponry from Star Wars & Star Trek all the way to Logan's Run. Marco Enterprises was unsanctioned by the studios and presumably received a cease and desist order sometime in the early 1990's. (Or they just went out of business; I can't find any information on them- the last catalog I received was from 1992.)

The gun itself is a decent likeness, although purists will see it as not very screen accurate in the details. The grip is a solid brown color, and the size is a shade larger than its screen accurate counterpart. This replica featured no moving parts, although the four red LEDs did light up and a red bulb was inserted in the barrel, along with a pre-recorded sound effect of the gun being fired whenever the tiny button on the back of the pistol was depressed.

Gun number 2 was purchased second-hand from Ebay and so I have little information on where this gun originated, but from research I think this model is a C & S Coyle. This version I have is far more revealing in terms of how the gun really operates; for starters, it shows that the gun is actually a revolver- a panel can be removed to expose the 5 shot cylinder. (Five "dum-dum" bullets were included with the gun, but I don't know if the movie gun fires these kinds.) An Allen wrench is necessary to access the cylinder (basically, you'd be screwed if this were a real gun, as reloading would take minutes!)

This weapon's LEDs also work. Additionally, it features another non-functional green LED on the left side of the gun. Looking at the pics, you can see how more accurate this replica compared to its Marco Enterprises predecessor.

(Further updates as I get time.)