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    Re: Deleted / cut scenes : Return of the jedi

    Quote Originally Posted by SD Jones View Post
    I love that bunker scene too, that's the first time I think I've seen it! I didn't really like Han's reaction to the "Rebel scum" line though

    I like them with the music restored from the Special Edition cd's. I remember buying them in the late 90's and listening to them wondering what some of those cut scenes looked like.
    I too, liked the CDs, and wanted to know what the scene was when the music didn't make it into the film. It was written for some scene we never saw, but only the score remained.

    Glad you like my posts!

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    Re: Deleted / cut scenes : Return of the jedi

    Now that I think about it, Han's reaction of "scum?" in that cut scene is very reminiscent, in delivery and tone, to his "proper?" remark earlier in the film when 3PO tells him that impersonating a deity wouldn't be proper. But I still like the "scum" reaction. It would be just like Han, that despite the fact that a dozen Imperials are pointing guns at him, he still feels comfortable being a smart-ass.

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    Re: Deleted / cut scenes : Return of the jedi

    Quote Originally Posted by HENRY JONES JR. View Post

    Two things; One, if anyone's read the novelization of the movie, they'll recognize that this little exchange is in the book. (and so is the sequence of Luke building his new lightsaber, without the beckoning from Vader.)

    Two, picture how hilarious that scene would be if it were actually just a long wooden stick and not a lightsaber. Luke intends to beat the Emperor silly with a club, and Vader defends him with a handy broomstick lying in one corner. (Sorry, the clacking sound of the lightsaber props in that video made me giggle.)


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