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    Danner alternative to Aldens

    In my meanderings around the internet the other day, I came across a boot from Danner that I don't think has been mentioned before. KidHuevos had mentioned Danner's "Explorer" boot a few years ago, but these are the "Jack" model:

    My Googling has turned up just these two colours, Chocolate and Hummus. These are the 7" model, and there's also a shorter 5" model. They're cheaper than Aldens, in the low-to-mid $200s range, (though the chocolate ones above are currently on sale at Evo). And the Danner name is also stamped on the side of the heal and on the tongue, which could be a deal-breaker for some. But visually, they're a pretty good close-enough match.
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    Re: Danner alternative to Aldens

    Great find! Danners are good boots, so I have no doubt those would hold up to rigorous wear and tear. Just wish I'd known about this last week since I just spent the budget on another pair of boots (I wear mine for work).




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