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    Re: Unique way to replace a hat ribbon

    I just used the Akubra as the basis for the Clipper hat, so you could compare your clipper to your older HJ you got off me as opposed to say the well of souls hat which was made with modern HJ felt.

    But yeah re colour, the other frustrating thing is that though the Federation is too dark, Akubra can make the correct brown. The Campdraft is available in some retailers in a much better Indy brown. If I wanted a cheap but good Indy hat without wanting to reblock, that's what I'd get as the block shape isn't too bad either. Just have to strip off the brim trim and change out the ribbon.
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    Re: Unique way to replace a hat ribbon

    Quote Originally Posted by Oildale Jones View Post
    I got some dark brown ribbon from John Penman so I could redo the ribbon on my Fed IV (don't buy the poly ribbon from, say, Walmart because it won't shrink). I took the ribbon off my Fed and tacked it to my son's fedora. (I don't get how it looked so tall before I unbashed it, and now it looks too short.) I did it in a rush and I haven't taken photos, but I did manage to get a shot of the backside of the Fed ribbon:

    What a mess! It takes alot time to make a good bow rather than rushing and ending up looking like this, this made my day lol

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    Re: Unique way to replace a hat ribbon

    I have 4 Feds of different ages and wearing times. The ones I have worn the most are the softest. The Fed III in my avatar is the oldest, and softest. Yes, the browns are dark, and none of them has a finish as good as that of my Henry, but I wear my Feds way more often because I feel they look and feel better on my head than anything else I own.
    'There is a fine line between art and fondling.'
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