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    Re: The Star Wars Revisited Edits.

    Just bumping this thread for discussion; Adywan's trying to finish up Empire Strikes Back, but I was reading some of his proposed changes for the prequels, and I am stunned at some of his ideas... they sound like they would make the movies intriguing!

    Here's his list:

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    Re: The Star Wars Revisited Edits.

    Those are some great ideas! I totally agree with his assessment of that Anakin/Dooku fight in the dark. Just a lot of obvious saber waving in that sequence, which is a shame. That could have been a visually-good sequence, akin to Luke's last run at Vader in the darkened area under the walkway in ROTJ. I've also never liked the fact that Padmé dies shortly after giving birth to the twins, opening up that huge continuity f-up with Leia impossibly remembering her mother's beauty and sadness -- Leia was five freakin' minutes old when her mom died!!! If Luke couldn't remember his mother, then Leia couldn't have either! I've always thought Padmé should have survived and been in the scene with Bail and his wife at the end, holding Leia but looking very distant and distraught, thus foreshadowing a not-so-distant future state of mind that would lead to her having "died when [Leia] was very young," when Leia would be at an age (3 or 4 maybe?) when she could remember her mother.

    On a side note, I hate how this site logs you out after a too-short length of "inactivity" -- I'm typing a reply, man!!! Geez.

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    Re: The Star Wars Revisited Edits.

    I like his suggestion of not showing Anakin in the Vader suit, or even referred to as Vader. That would make the reveal in Empire shocking again, for those who might watch the movies in order! (I tried this with my wife years ago, but she only made it though episodes 1-4, and saw Force Awakens for some reason.)


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