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Thread: Gear FAQ

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    Gear FAQ

    Just a question, how about collect here words and names to be explained and later fill the Indy Gear FAQ with them?

    It's still so empty there and I think we all know some thin gs about gear that it would be worth to collect our knowledge in one thread, bring all good and informative details together and the mods do them over in the right section. olice:

    For example:

    About Bashing and Binding - The hat glossary

    BASH is the special form of the hat, like the centerdent and the two small dents in the front of the crown (also known as Indy Bash )

    BINDING is the ribbon sewn around the edge of the brim of a hat.

    BLOCK is the wooden form, used to get the felt of the hat into the right shape.

    BOW is a decorative element at the ribbon. The bow of a man's hat is on the right side while women wear the bow on the left side.

    BRIM is the edge of a hat.

    BRIM BREAK is the point at which the body of the hat becomes the brim. IE Marked by the line of stitching that holds the sweatband in (though this is normally hidden by the ribbon).

    CAP a hat with a brim just at the front. Short Round used in TOD the old NY Giants Cap from the 1920s.

    CENTERDENT is the dent lengthwise in the top of the crown.

    CENTER CREASE is the vertical fold or crease in the crown.

    CROWN the top part of the hat.

    DIMENSIONAL BRIM means that the width of the brim is not equal. Normally the fedora of Indy comes with a brim smaller at the sides than in the front.

    FEDORA is a type of a hat with a brim which is bented down in the front and a crown pinched on both sides in the front, normally also a dent (->Centerdent) lenghtwise the top of the crown.

    FELT is the material of a hat made from wool, fur or hair. It is made by rolling and pressing with heat and moisture.

    FUR FELT is the material of a hat made from the soft under-fur of an animal, like rabbit or beaver. Normally they have a higher water resistance and durabilty than a wool felt which gives them an advantage in longevity but also a higher price.

    HAT BAND ->Ribbon

    LINER is the cloth inside the crown/hat. It is usually made of satin and shows in most cases the logo of the hatmaker. It can be viskose satin but some hatmakers use the more expensive and higher quality bridal satin.

    OPEN CROWN means that the (new) hat comes without a bash.

    RAIDERS TURN means that the Fedora is worn slightly turned to the right in clockwise direction. This will bring the brim into a special shape, seen during some scenes of ROTLA.

    RIBBON or HAT BAND is a decorative band around the crown of the hat.

    SWEATBAND is the small band inside the hat to protect the felt from the sweat of the wearer. It is usually made of leather but can be also made of cotton.

    TAPER or TAPERING means that the crown has a more or less conical form. While the hats in ROTLA were nearly without it, the hats used in TOD tapered a little bit more.

    I'm selling these fine leather jackets - the jacket glossary

    ACTION BACK or BI SWING BACK or HALF NORFOLK is a special pleat or crease on the back of military-style jackets. It can be one pleat on each side of the jacket or just one in the middle. Such pleats improve the movability of the arms. The jacket of Indy has one pleat on each side of the back.

    BACKPANEL is the part of a jacket for the back. Many leather jackets have a backpanel made of two leather-parts while the backpanel on Indy's jacket was made of one single leather.

    BI SWING BACK -> Action back

    COLLAR is the part of a jacket bending around the neck.


    D-RINGS are the metal rings where the side straps can be tightened. They are shaped like a "D".

    DISTRESSING is an artificial aging of clothes and gear to let it look much more used and worn. Some fans are doing this themselves others order their gear pre-disstressed from the manufacturer.

    HALF NORFOLK -> Action back

    HORSEHIDE is leather made form the hide of a horse.

    GOATSKIN means leather made from a goat.

    LAMBSKIN is leather made from a young and sweet sheep.

    LINING is the cloth at the inside of the jacket. Normally it is cotton or satin or a combination of both (satin inside of the arms and the rest made of cotton).

    NOVAPELLE is a special leather from a calf, slightly pre-distressed and is used by Wested Leather Co.

    PRE-DISTRESSED or PRE-DISTRESSING is an artificial aging of leather (and other things, e.g. stonewashed jeans ) already done by the manufacturer.

    SHOULDER PANEL is the leather-part between the shoulder seam and the back panel.

    SHOULDER SEAM is the seam at the shoulders, between the beginning of the sleeves and the collar.

    SIDE STRAPS are the leather straps or bands at the side of the jacket to tighten it around the waist.

    UNDER ARM GUSSETS are small angle pieces of leather in the armpits. They should improve the flexibility and movability of the arms.

    WINDFLAP or STORMFLAP is the leather strap onto the zipper.

    YOKE SEAM is the seam across the back which connects the shoulder panel with the back panel.

    The story of whipping and the crack - the whip glossary

    CRACKER or POPPER is the small cord or strap at the tip of the whip attached to the ->fall. It is the cracker which makes the noise during the whipcracking.

    BELLY or CORE is the "inside" of a whip and one of the most important parts. The quality and its connection to the stock is important to the handling and longevity of the whip. The belly of a cheap whip can be rope or even paper. A better whip has a leather core but even then it is still a question of craftmanship to make a good belly. It is said that a whip can be nice on the outside but if the belly is bad the whole whip is bad.

    BOLSTER is a layer of leather tightly fitted onto a braided belly. It adds mass to the belly and is a good foundation for the next layers. It also helps to prevent dirt and grit getting into the whip.

    BULLWHIP is a special form of a whip used by Indy. A charecteristic of a bullwhip is a short and solid handle with a tapering single tail. It was originally used as a tool by stockman for working with livestock.

    CORE -> Belly

    DAVID MORGAN or MORGAN(s) means a whip of the whipmaker David Morgan. He was the one who made the whips for ROTLA, TOD and LC. If someone is talking about a "Morgan" he's reffering to a whip made by him.

    FALL is the small unplaited leather strap at the tip of the whip.

    HANDLE its the only solid and rigid part on the bullwhip and intended to hold it.

    HEEL KNOT is the knot at the end of the handle.

    MORGAN(s) -> David Morgan

    NATURALL(y) FALLING means that the whip is not shot loaded.

    OVERLAY is the outer layer of laces or leather straps.

    PLAIT the leather straps braided or plaited to form a whip. The number of the used plaits changes the flexibility and characteristics of a whip.

    POPPER -> Cracker

    ROOHIDE leather made of those funny jumping animals from "down under", known as kangaroo.

    SHOT LOADED means that there is some lead added into the belly in a so called shot sack. This should make it easier to crack with the whip. Normally, longer whips don't need this.

    TAN is the color tone of the leather. While it was a light brown in ROTLA, TOD and LC the tan of the whip used in KOTCS was much darker.

    Abbreviations in common use

    ROTLA - Raiders of the lost Ark

    TOD - Temple of Doom

    LC - Last Crusade

    KOTCS or CS - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    SA -> Screen Acuracy

    Uhhh, does anyone here speak English? - the jargon and technical terms of the Indiana Jones-Fandom

    SCREEN ACURACY or SCREEN ACURATE or SA means how close something (ie gear) is to the originals shown or used in the movies. But beware that's a science for itself

    to be continued ...
    I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog.

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    Re: Gear FAQ

    The turn is more then wearing off center its being creased off center.

    felt and fur felt is the same thing. animal hair matted together " felt" some things are woven and animal hair is "felted"

    under the term brim. Its more then the edge. Its the entire part of the hat that isn't the crown. Photos would be helpful in something like this.

    one more thing. The bow is worn on the left side for men and right for women. Think of it as if you are wearing the hat.

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    Re: Gear FAQ

    << The bow of a man's hat is on the right side while women wear the bow on the left side. >>

    This is backwards. A man's hat has the bow on the left.

    <<RAIDERS TURN means that the Fedora is worn slightly turned to the right in clockwise direction. This will bring the brim into a special shape, seen during some scenes of ROTLA>>

    This, again, depends on the direction from which one is looking at the hat. Looking at it from a wearing position, the hat is turned counterclockwise. When driving a car, all directional references are from the driver's POV, not someone looking in through the windshield. Makes sense to do it the same way here - from the wearer's POV.
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