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  1. Re: David Morgan has apparently passed away.

    Mr. Morgan's son, Will, confirmed the story, through a Facebook post, that his father had indeed passed today .
  2. David Morgan has apparently passed away.

    According to a post on "Facebook" from whip cracking legend Chris Camp, Mr. David Morgan has passed. Trying to verify the news and if I find anything, I will post it.

    If true, rest in peace,...
  3. Was there a Wested Leather "Indiana Jones" summit back in 2000?

    Was discussing this with someone earlier today but, I was wondering if the senior members in this forum may shed some light on this or can confirm it.

    Was there a Wested Leather "Indiana Jones"...
  4. What Price Glory NEW version of "Indiana Jones" pants in a lighter weight.

    What Price Glory has a NEW offering of their version of the "Indiana Jones" pants in a lighter weight material. Here is the link.
  5. That OTHER site doing a "Crystal Skull" jacket write up. SMH.

    Apparently, that COW site is doing a "Crystal Skull" jacket write up for their main site and the site admin is asking members if they have pictures of Tony Nowak's (rest in peace) old shop.

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    LMBO. Didn't mean to frighten you with the avatar, sir. :D And, rest assured, I am not him nor has my account been...ahem...hacked. :rolleyes:

    Hopefully, the owner will post pictures of the...
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    Re: Steele and Jones ToD Jacket

    Thank you "Ram Man" for the review and pictures of the "Steele and Jones" "Temple of Doom" jacket. Very much appreciated. :goodjob:

    In my humble opinion, that jacket looks AWESOME!!

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    Re: Indy III jacket, by S&J

    Diego, sir, are there any updates concerning this jacket? Awaiting in eager anticipation on this jacket project.

    And before anyone asks, yes, my avatar is meant as a "tongue in cheek" joke.
  9. Re: Accurate or close enough "Last Crusade" jacket..is it that difficult to produce?

    Just from seeing your "crappy" pictures....TAKE MY MONEY NOW. The distressing... :o Expect an email from me VERY soon concerning purchasing a version of this jacket.
  10. Re: My Indy Gear - New Forum Member - 1st Post!

    Welcome to "Fortune and Glory", "bleedingorange23". Hope your visits here are educational, enjoyable, and fun!! Indy_cheers
  11. For sale: Wested Leather custom "LC" in Antique Lambtouch Men's size 50

    For sale is one Wested Leather custom "Indiana Jones" "Last Crusade" jacket in antique lamb touch leather skin in a men's US size 50. Beautiful jacket produced with high quality craftsmanship. The...
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    Re: Teaser: Project RAIDERS II

    ??? Wow!! Excellent job, Diego. Very, very nice!! :goodjob: Indy_cheers:toast:

    You have made it extremely difficult NOT to place an order for one, if not all, of your jackets. :doh: Must...
  13. Re: Adam Savage Visits Deborah Nadoolman Landis at the Hollywood Costume Exhibition

    Maybe "Patterson" or certain Administrators and/or Moderators from that OTHER message board somehow replaced the "ROTLA" costume information sheet that Mrs. Nadoolman Landis was studying before the...
  14. Sticky: Re: Help, I am falling asleep, someone call Patterson

    Nothing has indicated that Todd Hayes a.k.a. "Patterson" a.k.a. "Marcus60" has reared it's ugly head. Overall, besides a "sprinking" of the same old BS by admins and moderators, it has quiet. What...
  15. Sticky: Re: The Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Jacket


    As a picture provided by "Fortune and Glory" member "mac" on the 7th page of this thread, it shows...
  16. Sticky: Re: The Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Jacket

    How can U.S. Wings make a claim of supplying the jackets for "Temple of Doom" without supplying any proof?!? :lies: :doh:

    Are "Indiana Jones" fans and gearheads, along with the public, just...
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    Re: New rocketeer jacket....

    VERY nice jacket. :goodjob:

    If you don't mind me asking, how is the Italian cow leather? Is it soft and supple? Is the weight of the leather on the substantial side or lighter than normal...
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    Re: Teaser: Project RAIDERS II

    Diego, you are killing me with the offerings. :doh::banghead: Great job!! :goodjob: Oh, decisions, decisions.
  19. Re: Wested Hero Shrunken Lamb Jacket - questions and photos

    "Mr. Furious" your collection of gear never ceases to amaze me. That and the fact that, IMHO, are one of the few that can pull off "the look" great. :goodjob:

    Really digging the color on the...
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    Re: Teaser: Project RAIDERS II

    Not to take this thread off topic of such a beautiful jacket but, in a thread about this same jacket project in that OTHER forum, the "knower" continues to push the BS write up by the faux "industry...
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    Re: Me and my short round.

    You and your grandson look great!! :goodjob:
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    Re: JTW back on the block.

    Welcome back "jones the whip". :)

    You have one THE best "Last Crusade" jackets that I have seen on any of the fansite message boards. :goodjob:

    Would like to "pick your brain" concerning...
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    Re: Getting into La Rochelle

    Shocked, SHOCKED :o I tell you, to learn that the Bantu Wind dockside scene wasn't in a sound stage. :lies: Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    Nice!! Thank you for sharing the pictures!! Much...
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    Re: My gear.....

    "JOOOONES!!!!" Looking great as always, "DJD" :goodjob:
  25. Re: System wide Happy Birthday emails

    Not sure but, I believe it was some small movie back in 1981 premiered. :)
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