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    Re: KOTCS ....... well here's the thing

    As we age, a lot of think that old men aren't so terrible. Overall I think Indy looked good as a grizzled adventurer. My only complaint appearance wise was his jacket. It just wasn't broken in enough...
  2. Re: Prop ID: Photographs in Captain Katanga's cabin

    I agree. It's pretty amazing
  3. Re: A hat worth mentioning

    I've ben singing Diego and Roberto's praises since I got my hat from them a couple years ago. They make a terrific hat and they are great people to do business with. Besides, I get an extra special...
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    Re: A near miss

    having seen a clip of Selleck's audition on the Special Features, I think he would have been terrible. Don't know why Spielberg said he had such a great audition...
  5. Sticky: Re: Rare & deleted scenes indiana jones pictures!

    That picture with the Nazis and the stunt doubles is really cool! That's one that I've never seen!
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    Re: Things you saw in Raiders IMAX

    Funny, I JUST this minute got back from seeing it in IMax and I noticed the gloves (actually noticed these last summer when I saw the Indy exhibit in Montreal) and Indy on the sub. Didn't notice the...
  7. Re: Coming soon: RAIDERS JACKET - Steele & Jones

    Looking forward to it, Indiego
  8. Re: Anyone got one of the "new" batch of Todd's jackets?

    I'm still kind of on the fence over the new iteration of Todd's jackets. The color appears more brown, which I like. I've got a Bantu Wind that i really like but it's more toward the black end of the...
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    CM, now I'm confused. I usually wear a size 9 but...

    CM, now I'm confused. I usually wear a size 9 but was thinking about getting Todd's boots in an 8. Now I'm wondering if an 8.5 would be better?
  10. Sticky: Poll: Re: I am a hat newbie - What's good that's out there discussion

    (See, that's what I meant about Diego and Roberto being good guys-- real gentlemen)
  11. Sticky: Re: The ULTIMATE gear list - best gear that's out there discussion

    I didn't know where to put this, I figured I throw it in the 'gear list".

    I must have too much time on my hands, but I did a search for "indiana Jones jackets," and Oh My God are there some...
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    Re: Stupidest thing about CS

    I agree. The movie is too uneven. Too much crap that just doesn't make sense. The whole opening scene could have been cool but it was just too stupid...why were these Russians looking for THAT...
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    Re: Stupidest thing about CS

    I mowed my lawn the other day. Got out the leaf blower afterwards to clear off the driveway and I thought... "yeah, it looks just like the 'magnetic power' or the crystal skull."
  14. Re: Best way to remove that Shine from a Lambskin Jacket?

    after much internal debate, I put my Bantu Wind thru the cold water wash cycle and then gave it the once over with acetone and a fine sanding sponge.
  15. Re: Wested Leather, renewed appreciation!

    Plus I think Peter got some really bad press over on COW from a certain ex-member there who was once considered a 'guru' of sorts...
  16. Sticky: Poll: Re: I am a hat newbie - What's good that's out there discussion

    I know Penman makes a great hat, but Steele and Jones is reasonably priced, has a reasonable wait time, and is a beautiful hat. And Diego and Roberto are great gentlemen to deal with. Plus I think...
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