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01-10-2012, 06:01 PM
Here's another one of Gunslingers stunning creations. Details on the hat is below from his FS post. I'm the proud owner of what I consider the closest replica to the Drinkin' with a Monkey Fedora I'll ever have. The color of the felt and vintage elements are worth crying over.

Restored 1940s - 1950's Herbert Johnson Raiders Fedora. Size 7 1/4 (58) ie Harrison Ford-sized, but also not too loose on a 57. Original Cury felt, vintage dark brown cotton/rayon ribbon. Liner states HJ as hatters to KING, not Queen, so produced before QEII inauguration. Can be shaped dead-on to any Raiders style you want......

I may have some fun later trying some matches to the flying wing or cabfight. Thank you Gunslinger. The work you put into shaping and distressing is truly remarkable.

01-10-2012, 08:23 PM
Lies! :lies:

That is a screen-used hat.

NB, send me your full name and address and I'll call in the police report. :banllama:

That is amazing! How soft is the felt? Is it nice and floppy? Great GREAT job on this hat Kurt. ;D

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01-11-2012, 01:08 AM
Wow. What a SCORE. I assume the first thing you did was grab some whiskey? :toast: Amazing work again, Kurt.


01-18-2012, 07:04 PM
Wow. What a SCORE. I assume the first thing you did was grab some whiskey? :toast: Amazing work again, Kurt.

LOL. That's what I should have done, but I'm a tequila man myself so that was the first thing I grabbed :D Yes indeed, it was definitely a score. Great drinking whiskey screengrab. I'll have to work on some of those myself.

Lies! :lies:

That is a screen-used hat.

NB, send me your full name and address and I'll call in the police report. :banllama:

That is amazing! How soft is the felt? Is it nice and floppy? Great GREAT job on this hat Kurt. ;D

Thank you ;D

I'm very pleased with how terrific the fit is. I know the size is/was originally larger than I wear. I take like a 56.6 cm or so which is what I had the Raven Bar cut to, but this vintage HJ hatter to the king DWM (Drinkin' with a Monkey) fits just as well. No idea why that it is and the leather sweat is molding perfectly also.

Also about how soft the felt is. I don't really know and here's why. I'm a lousy basher. That's just the deal. I've had two fedoras, ABDeluxe Raiders and Gunslinger WOS, where the bashing totally shook out from the shipping. The ABDeluxe was actually a bit heartbreaking for me because I really missed out on the opportunity to enjoy Marc's vision of bashing for Raiders. It arrived completed unbashed in a perfect dome circle with no bashing memory because of the vibration from flying and over the road, etc., though I will say having at least one fedora with the highest quality beaver felt, a roo sweat, and everything else Marc puts into his fedoras is undeniably gratifying. It is my go to, read only, hat for bad weather. Why? Well, after the WOS from Gunslinger arrived with much of one side of the bashing shook out, but luckily with the memory left in the felt. I then realized what was going on with the shipping. However as soon as it rained, off with the WOS I went. Then, I ran into a problem. I couldn't stop myself from playing with it just a bit. Just a little pinch here. Just a little bit over here. Oh shit! #$%%^^^!!!! $$#*&&T^!! and suddenly the bashing didn't quite match the WOS anymore. Over the holidays my dad decided he wanted the WOS and took it for himself. I believe it was a 57 and it was a perfect fit and he was grinning so much looking at himself in the mirror that it become a great present to him although on some level I deeply regret it because that dark brown rich felt Gunslinger uses is killer and with his WOS bashing, it's got to be one of my all time favorite looks. On a side note, I wore it in the rain several times and if I'd left the original bashing alone to begin with that wouldn't have been an issue and the felt/fedora holds up to rain and mud just fine. IMO rabbit is pretty sturdy stuff and even in the rain holds the last bashing just fine.

So to end a long answer. I decided with the Raven Bar and the new vintage HJ DWM to end the shipping vibration problem and my own stupidity. I asked Gunslinger in both cases to do something that would prevent the bashing from shaking out during shipping. He told me he's spent quite a bit of time developing his processes for the coloring/dirtying of the fedora and that he knew how to keep the felt from shaking out. They're his trade secrets, but I know two things. Both the Raven Bar and the new vintage DWM both arrived with the bashing perfectly intact and the felt was stiff. This is totally ok with me because with those two fedoras I suspect that a soft floppy felt would over time lose some of the perfect bashing he has given them and my priority with both of those fedoras is to preserve the bashing, as with my poor bashing skills I consider it an art form in and of itself, and that it's part of the value of those two fedoras. Also, because of this and because of the amazing "dirtying" job on the DWM, no rain period. I wear these hats all the time actually, but those two are way, way, way totally babied. In fact, my wife is now well trained to never, never touch them no matter what. We'll have to defer to Gunslinger to find out how floppy the felt originally was. I don't think the beaver will ever be floppy so I don't have any soft floppy hats right now. The WOS that is now my dad's was very soft and floppy which is another reason I'm bummed about not having it anymore.

My recommendation for capturing the actual as seen on film authentic ROTLA look and what's really a hard wearing fedora that gets better with usage and rain is to get a high quality rabbit "soft, floppy" (nod to indydude18) and one that you don't have to worry about keeping a perfect scene bash so you can practice and can just have fun with it. I don't think anything can quite pull off the rabbit look.