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    Escape from Sub Island

    Just Curious:

    Has anyone considered how Indy and Marion escaped (with the Ark) from that Submarine Base Island? (near end of ROTL).
    I never thought about it before, but unless the Ark-angel (sic) posse decided to be thorough and ALSO incinerated all the Nazis posted at the submarine base -- Indy and Marion would still have been in grave peril. Plus, even if the Nazis were all dead, how would Indy and Marion have travelled off that island (and back to the U.S.)? It's doubtful they could have piloted that submarine by themselves.

    Just never considered this before (I'd always been focused on how Indy held his breath underwater whilst holding onto the periscope for hundreds of nautical miles, LOL).

    Perhaps the island escape has been addressed before ... (*I didn't see it in the archives).

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    Re: Escape from Sub Island

    Ha! Yeap, big plot hole.

    We can think Indy managed to get a small motorboat and ventured to the ocean with Marion, heading to the nearest friendly country.
    There he contacted the "calvary" and they got the ark.

    Funny, I've never thought about it.-

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    Re: Escape from Sub Island

    Maybe overthinking it ... we know they travelled by Sub at periscope depth from an Egyptian port (likely Alexandria) Now .. weirdly the onscreen map has them sailing East past Malta and onto Greece BUT that would mean they left from a port in Tunisia (where they filmed) so its either an onscreen Gaff or an 'In joke' but either way its a mistake. If they HAD left from Alexandria they would have a very short journey North to the island which in theory is one of the smaller Greek islands near Milos.

    So it would be relatively easy to assume that there were other boats on the Island and any number of ways they could have escaped ... presumably to be picked up by the USAF or another boat or Sub. so the distance isn't all that vast.
    Anything can happen doll. its a long way to Delhi!




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