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    FS Indy STEELE & JONES Temple Jacket !

    For Sale Steele & Jones Indy Temple Jacket,Cazadora 35,#59.
    Sleeve Length : 26.
    Back Length : 26.50
    Ligth distressing from Diego,perfect work for a SA Jacket.
    Shipping included to Europe and USA.
    Price : 399.
    Totally New,sold it with regret because i have to many jacket and it's better this great jacket don't sleep in my wardrobe..
    I give for free with this jacket a another Temple style jacket (non screen accurate,zip,side-vents) made by Wested with my own batch of leather "Chocolate lambskin Plonge waxy mountain"same measurements,only the leather batch cost me more than 360..so you will make a great bargain here.

    WESTED :

    Thanks !
    Send me please a private message or directly to my personnal email :

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    Re: FS Indy STEELE & JONES Temple Jacket !

    All jackets sold,thanks !




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