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    Kelso goat, Wested nubuck, Wested hybrid

    Hi Everyone,

    This first jacket is a size 44 Kelso in goatskin, in perfect condition. If you've wanted the accuracy of a Kelso with real world durability, this is it. This jacket will shrug off branches, rain, anything you can throw at it and look great all the while. It's a little hard to read, but I believe this is #86/1981. The measurements are:
    pit-to-pit: 23"
    sleeve: 26"
    I'm selling it for $300 shipped.

    The second jacket is a Wested ROLA size 44 in nubuck with a couple modifications: I asked for a silver colored zip and slightly narrower sleeves similar to their Hero model. This was a bit of an experiment as I always wanted to try out their nubuck. It's a very nice quality with incredible drape that is comfortable from the start. I think it will gather the adventure vibe very quickly. It's also in new condition with the following measurements:

    pit-to-pit: 26"
    sleeve: 25.5"
    back: 25"
    This one is $150 shipped.

    The last jacket is an odd Wested hybrid in their novapelle, size 44. It's a terrific jacket that appears lighter in these outside photos than it is, really comfortable, but with hand-warmer pockets only, no flapped patch pockets ever. The back construction is exceptional with the back panel reaching the full width to the shoulder seams. Measurements:
    pit-to-pit: 24.5"
    sleeve: 25.5"
    back: 24.5"
    This is $100 shipped

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    Re: Kelso goat, Wested nubuck, Wested hybrid

    Just need to correct a measurement on the Kelso: pit -to-pit is 24".

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    Re: Kelso goat, Wested nubuck, Wested hybrid

    The goatskins Kelso and Wested hybrid are both gone. The Wested nubuck is still available. The chest measurement is exaggerated by a flare just under the arms that acts like gussets. Otherwise it's closer to 24".

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    Re: Kelso goat, Wested nubuck, Wested hybrid

    I'll throw in a free "Imdy" shirt size 16.5. This was from a run by a guy on another board that ended up with the vertical reinforcement strips on the front a smidge wider than spec, but It's hard to notice the difference. Otherwise a nice shirt.

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    Re: Kelso goat, Wested nubuck, Wested hybrid

    Price reduced: $100.
    Last edited by Tibor; 02-02-2017 at 01:13 AM.

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    Re: Kelso goat, Wested nubuck, Wested hybrid

    These are all gone. Thanks everyone.




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