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    Fedoraiders Christy's Adventurer Streets of Cairo 59cm

    Hello Everyone!

    I decide to sell this my personal Christy's Adventurer (59cm) that I transform at Streets of Cairo look. This is an excellent replica of the hat worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    The specifications of this hat are:
    - I reblocked with my special block.
    - I pounced the felt to give a Streets of Cairo look.
    - I create the ribbon that I sews in right place.
    - The back of the hat have a little muffin look.
    - The right front bash have a little bulge.
    - The sizes of the front and back brim are 2 7/8 inches).
    - The sizes of the right brim is 2 1/2 inches.
    - The sizes of the left brim is 2 1/2 inches
    - The size of the front pinch is 4 1/2 inches.
    - The inner satin is glue to the felt like Christy's Adventurer stock.
    - Also, the hat has a dusty look and asymmetrical form like Raiders of the Lost Ark on the Streets of Cairo scene.

    I ask 275$USD for the hat + 50$USD for the shipping. I only ship to Canada and United-States (without Hawaii and Alaska). For our security, the shipping come with full insurance, tracking number and if possible a signature at the reception. I put gift on the shipping label but I'm not responsive if you will pay the customs fees at your home. Because my work schedules, I ship the parcel 2 or 3 days after the pay pal payment has been made. IMPORTANT: Now, I will have need your phone number to put on package informations because Canada Post required to change the way it provides package information for customs clearance.

    Please, if you are not sure to like this kind of hat with the specifications (dust, asymmetrical shape etc), please don't buy this one because no return. The best, it's to sell this hat at the true fans of the SOC hat. Look the pictures to take your decisions.

    Thanks for looking!


    P.S. I don't take the order, thanks you for your comprehension.

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    Re: Fedoraiders Christy's Adventurer Streets of Cairo 59cm





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