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    For further info:

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    Re: BLACK FRIDAY - Hats

    We are making this offering for those interested and, meanwhile, we are also presenting our new Last Crusade Deluxe Fedora...

    For further info:

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    Re: BLACK FRIDAY - Hats

    Love the hat liner Diego!! Also appreciate 4 days to consider this great offer.... Any one looking for a high quality fedora at an AMAZING price, now's your chance!! I have 2 S&J fedoras and highly recommend them as much more than very good!! They're awesome!!

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    Re: BLACK FRIDAY - Hats

    Thanks for your review! We presented that liner on may 25th to honor Last Crusade, as this year we are working on many items related to that 3rd film...some already shown, like our LC jacket, and some to come...

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    Re: BLACK FRIDAY - Hats

    Today is Black Friday @ S&J: Why not to get a Black hat?

    Grey fedora is also an option...




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