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    Re: The Imam Jacket

    Crismans, I don't remember any discussion regarding that, but maybe. I'm thinking all the promo photos we've been trying to figure out could very likely be a separate jacket. To me it most closely resembles the Hawaii Jacket. But, there's still issues.

    Speaking of the Hawaii Jacket. You mentioned the collar stand construction appears to be very different. Can you elaborate on what you mean. You thanked KT for something, but the only thing I see he posted about was the collar stand appears to be missing a top stitch, when it has it on the other side. Which as is typical he choses to ignore.
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    Re: ROTLA Imam Jacket (2 of 4 jackets used in Raiders)

    Actually, I believe I was tricked by the lighting of the picture I was looking at. If you look at the temple scene that you spliced with the Rolling Stones cover, the right (as we're looking at the picture) side of Indy's collar stand doesn't appear to have the extra sewn strip of leather. It looks more like the ToD collar stand construction. But, if you look at the left side, it does appear to be the Raider's collar stand construction.

    Just a good lesson not to think too much in the morning and to not just pay attention to one picture!
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