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    Re: Raiders Jackets History and Quantity

    Mr. Alinger,
    If possible, I would like to hear, as many others here would, what Anthony Powell recollections were concerning the "Temple of Doom" and "Last Crusade" jackets. Would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Raiders Jackets History and Quantity

    Thank you. A very good post, and welcome to the forum. I look forward to reading more from you

    I agree on the Butterfield's and Kurtz jackets. Do you think they are the same jacket?
    As far as I know the 'Kurtz' jacket is now owned by Paul Allen, or was

    I recall there was a display at a museum in California a few years ago. It included the Kurtz jacket and KOTCS jacket. Tony Nowak was in Sacramento and visited the display, he confirmed the KOTCS jacket displayed was one he made, but said something about the display labelling it to one of the other movies, Last Crusade maybe. The Paul Allen 'Kurtz' jacket was mislabelled to KOTCS. Tony said that (Kurtz) jacket was not what had been sent to him to make the KOTCS jacket.

    As for the Raiders jacket Tony had. Much of that information has been 'polluted' by the individual you mentioned and others. What I know is that anything Patterson said about it or about Tony Nowak should be put straight in the circular file

    My recollection tells me the jacket did not come from a 'studio' as such, and it is unclear whether the jacket was delivered to Tony or he picked it up from someone at a studio (not that it belonged to a studio)

    There was one individual who has retold a story of being at Tony's shop and Tony "throwing" in his lap that Raiders jacket
    Other than that I am convinced from discussions with Tony and later with one of his sewers that there was indeed such a jacket.

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    Re: Raiders Jackets History and Quantity

    great thread, thank you Brandon!


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