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    Grizzled Grave Robber Knight of the Round Table djd's Avatar
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    Re: Welcome to F&G makeitjones ! ! ! !

    Just got one of your bag straps. Ever since the bluray release the grooves on my wade Egan strap had been bugging me! Anyway, nice job at a good price. The leather has a nicely broken in quality to it which I like.

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    Re: Welcome to F&G makeitjones ! ! ! !

    Excellent - always good to hear back that my gear fits the bill.

    Finally got round to making first attmept at the double wrap grap whip holder mentioned earlier in the thread - think I'd shorten the top strap and lenghten the bottom for a better fit on any future ones though.

    Looked at the ones by other makers mentioned in the thread and they're pretty similar - nice to know I've eventually arrived at the same idea as others!

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    Re: Welcome to F&G makeitjones ! ! ! !

    REALLY liking your Double Wrap Grab whip holder, "makeitjones". Are these available for sale yet? And if so, are you going produce "Raiders", "TOD", "LC" Crystal Skull" versions of these?

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    Re: Welcome to F&G makeitjones ! ! ! !

    Thanks - I make everything to order so just send me a message through the link on www.makeitjones.co.uk if you'd like one making for you and we can arrange - have a range of different shades of predyed brown leathers or can do hand dyed for a more antique look.

    Style wise I'll call the prototype the TOD / LC type (with the slight adjustments to dimensions I'd mentioned) , KOTCS would have a longer 'tab' after the press stud and ROLA would have a folded and riveted tab. These use a bit more leather than a regular double wrap holder so will probably be pricing at £11.50 instead of £11 to cover that.

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    Re: Welcome to F&G makeitjones ! ! ! !

    Must try and post more often but my range of custom holsters for vintage pistols has proved very popular and eaten up most of my making time.

    Managed to make some time and modify my Raiders holster template for a recent order - rather liking the results (as does new owner)

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    Re: Welcome to F&G makeitjones ! ! ! !

    Beautiful!! Just beautiful!

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    Re: Welcome to F&G makeitjones ! ! ! !

    I've been very remiss about keeping my thread up to date, but to remedy that here's a link to my Pinterest page showing examples of the range of handmade Indiana Jones gear and equipment I produce - https://uk.pinterest.com/makeitjones...-leather-gear/

    Here's a couple of examples:

    If you like the look of anything you see there or in the other albums (there's a lot of custom holsters going on) get in touch at makeitjones.co.uk@gmail.com or check out the full range at http://www.makeitjones.co.uk- every item is handmade to order and worldwide shipping is available.


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    Re: Welcome to F&G makeitjones ! ! ! !

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    Re: Welcome to F&G makeitjones ! ! ! !

    I highly recommend makeitjones' products. I've found them to be top notch quality along with superb customer service. Yeah..sounds a bit like a pitch I know..but, 8 years into the hobby now and I've experienced a wide swath of vendor offerings. His are very, very good


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