Hi everyone, I've been a long time visitor of the site, now a first time poster (which I don't normally do). I'm sure many of you may have plans for 2013 and I hope you all get to do them.

I love film and have been trying to make my own things here and there, though some projects I never started because they were mostly just waay outta reach. Anyway this year I want to combine a couple of my favorite things into a video, Indiana Jones and The Legend of Zelda. If I manage to do it right then this will be my first proper video, I'll use a dslr as well as green screens for this to get the desired effect.

What I'm going to try to do is mostly a parody of the idol grab scene...though many films/others have done this I thought I could do something cool with it myself. Now, whilst I got the costume and will be able to get the camera and green screens I'll be needing a couple other things, the idols stone pedestal and blu ray quality screen grabs for specific shots.

It would be awesome if anyone who has pictures of the idol pedestal and screen grabs from the blu ray idol scene could post some for me, would help quite a bit. I'll probably have to make my own idol pedestal to some extent and give it a slash of film magic to make it look like the one from the film.
I need screen grabs of both the starting and end points of the idol scenes, here's the starting ones (no idea what the time stamp would be tho):

1. First time we see the idol which zooms in (First frame, end frame)
2. After Indy jumps the stairs and we see him walk over to the Idol (First frame, mid frame, end frame)

Then basically the first and last frames of every other scene up until the point where he jumps the stairs as the place is falling down.
These screen grabs are for the green screens which I'll edit in and try to make into a 3D like background, I'll cut pieces out and move them separately from the main backgrounds as the camera moves, giving somewhat of a 3D styled movement.
Any of those stills will be very much appreciated.

Then all I need would probably some kind of fullers earth to go on the jacket, I have a Wested Hero still pretty new looking for the most part.
I'll be honest, It may not go how I like...as many things I do I might dumb it down and incorporate it into something else, but it's not ridiculously hard to pull off. I'll try to film this in the summer if all go's to plan, I'd just like some screen grabs to practice on beforehand.