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    The HJ Vintage Project

    Ok...probably, a controversial replica.

    First this clarification: Not a actual HJ.

    Since a few members start posting those beautiful vintage HJ, re-blocked, restored, etc, and a couple of HJ Raiders era; I'm looking on the web (ebay, etc.) for vintage HJs.
    The search yields limited results. I could buy vintage HJ, but none Raiders era.

    Then an idea came up.
    What if I ask to the felt factory a special felt run (limited), using the current felt as basis but making a few "improvements"?
    In order to replicate as much as possible the Raiders era felt.

    The improvements are:
    * slightly lighter in color (keeping the right undertones we already have on our felt)
    * slightly thinner (reducing maybe just 0.5 mm)
    * slightly less shellac, to make it more "pliable", "floppier"

    They delivered a sample. Very nice.

    Then, I thought, what if I try to replicate the sweatband and the liner, with the inscriptions and all?
    If I want to have a HJ Raiders era replica, must have correct sweatband and liner.
    There was a minimum to order. So, I did.

    Next are a few pictures. I realize the hat needed a brushed...after the pics were taken...
    More info next week.

    In the meantime, what do you think?

    Clic to enlarge


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    Grizzled Grave Robber Knight of the Round Table neutronbomb's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    What felt have you been using previously? Could you compare the new "vintage" HJ fedora with one of your regular/standard fedoras and maybe show some outdoor sunlight comparison shots?

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    Re: The HJ Vintage Project

    Wow!! Looks awesome. Will this alter the price any? Either way I know what my next hat will be! Oh wait, I just realized this may not be a production hat, but if it is......

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    Re: The HJ Vintage Project

    It's bedtime here, but I couldn't help to login and check this thread.

    We have not yet decided if we will do a production of this hat.

    The sweatband and liner's back are full of this ink stamps:

    NB, the felt we usually use it's the standard our felt factory produce. 100% hare fur felt, color "coffee brown" (that's how they call it).
    This sample it's basically the same felt, with minor differences.

    If I have enough time, this weekend I'll post more pictures and also comparison of the felts.

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    Sultan of Shovels Knight of the Round Table Indiana Bugs's Avatar
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    Re: The HJ Vintage Project

    Wow, that looks pretty darn authentic to me. Very nice.
    'There is a fine line between art and fondling.'
    - JHP

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    Re: The HJ Vintage Project

    A few pictures.

    It's difficult to show the correct colors and undertones. In person, the new felt, has more red undertones.

    * The Todd's HJ 2005 has been re-blocked at least twice. So, it faded a little.
    * The HJ approx. 1960's color is fawn.
    * The new felt is allways at bottom and left.

    I can't figure it out how to show you the thickness and floppiness of this new felt.
    Offcourse the thinner felt has to do with more hand pouncing during the making.

    Looking foward to your opinions.

    PS: if someone is interested on this, please contact me through the usual e-mail.

    clic to HQ image

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    Re: The HJ Vintage Project

    Taking orders.


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    Artifact Aficionado Knight of the Round Table
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    Aug 2010

    Re: The HJ Vintage Project

    I am thinking when I will have enough money to buy a hat from you.
    For now, I have enough crisis...

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    Re: The HJ Vintage Project

    Thanks for your interest.
    I know the feeling, in Argentina had (and have) harsh times with economic crisis.

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    Sultan of Shovels indydude18's Avatar
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    Re: The HJ Vintage Project


    I think there is something funky going on with your website. I get a "404 Not Found" message when trying to access it.

    What's the going price for these babies?
    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke


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