Here are a couple of Good Wear A-2s that I have recently had the good fortune of picking up. One used but not abused, and one that was made, I think, as a sample, and thus new for all intents and purposes.
First - Bronco in goatskin as seen here on the GW site:

And as worn by my drinking buddy, who is trying to abscond with it -

And here's a Rough Wear 27752, as seen here ( this is the exact jacket ):

The Bronco is a 46, my regular size, while the Rough Wear is a 48 and will be excellent for getting a sweater under, as illustrated.
Buying the Rough Wear was a great experience ( in dealing with both John Chapman at Good Wear and his sales director ) and both jackets are top notch. These jackets are one of the few things I can honestly say without reservation that you can see and feel where every penny goes. From the materials, to the construction, to minute details: it's the Adventurebilt or Penman Hats of jackets.