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    Re: Bag strap in digital: This changes everything!!!

    In the Raiders casting section of 'The complete making of Indiana Jones' book it shows the handwritten specification for Ford's costume in American Grafitti as:

    Jacket - 40 L
    Jeans - 32" waist and 33" leg

    Here's what the jeans look like on him

    I'm 6 ft tall and take a long suit jacket with 33" leg trousers - the fit on the leg of his jeans looks like what I get, so on that rigourous scientific basis (!) Ford being between 6' to 6' 1" seems a reasonable estimate. Has anyone been able to find his resume from when he was starting out as an actor - guessing that would have details like height?

    For strap edges a lot of military leather gear has them. They can be quite a light indentation but they change the colour of the leather slightly and usually stay visible even if the edges are worn, which we aren't seeing in the high res screen captures.

    As a maker of these sort of things it would seem like more effort for the costume department to remake two rifle straps into one rather than just make a new strap from scratch? That said, it's a great fan project as those rifle straps have a fantastic aged patina and you're going to get something infused with character.

    I use 65" as my 'standard' bag strap length as I think it gives the right range of buckle and bag level placement for my height (it is worn quite high on the chest in a lot of Raiders), but it's all about personal choice and what you think looks right for you. As Kt Templar says just get extra holes in the buckle end of the strap, find the fit then chop the excess.

    Might eventually get round to making some comparison shots between real life bag wear and screen caps to see how well they match up based on the 65".
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