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    Re: Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

    Ok, NOW I'm intrigued. I've always loved the idea of filmic pluralism - to the point that I started a PhD on it. Any movie that can both challenge and confirm each side of politics has my attention.
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    Re: Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

    Here Nolan addresses the issue of politics in TDKR.

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    Re: Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

    That makes total sense to me. I've seen a whole lot of reviews saying that Bane and his army are supposed to represent the Occupy movement. Honestly, having watched the movie, I never in a million years would have drawn any parallel between the two. I mean, the movie shows Bane's army/followers: a group of troubled, confused young people who don't belong anywhere, who latch on to a powerful, charismatic leader and come to worship him to the point that they're willing and ready to die for him, and they live in what is essentially a reinforced underground bunker... the movie makes it extremely clear, time and time again, that this is a cult. I know, in our hyper-polarized world, people like to latch on to negative representations and say "That's totally the group that disagrees with me!" but saying this cult represents a broad political movement is kind of taking it to a whole new level of head-scratching "WTF?", at least to me - particularly as the movie never really shows what the "average Gotham citizen" makes of Bane and his group.

    Now, on the other hand, I could see a parallel drawn with Selena Kyle, as she makes some vague statements about haves vs. have-nots, etc. But, watching the movie, I never really got a feeling it was trying to make any political points, other than the occasional broadly-drawn parallel with current events.

    But anyway. Politics - real or imagined - aside, I liked the movie. I didn't think it was as strong as the first two (and yes, I'm one of those that loved the second one), but it was, in my opinion, a perfect conclusion to the story that had been built in the prior installments.

    And - I was a comic book fan for a while, always a DC guy, and mostly just a buyer/reader back in the 90s, which largely revolved around these "extreme money-grubbing shock storylines" DC pumped out (death of Superman, Knightfall, Green Lantern flipping out and murdering all the other Green Lanterns, etc). As such I've always thought it would be cool, but unrealistic, to get a good Death of Superman or Knightfall movie, but... man. TDKR stays remarkably true to the spirit of the Knightfall storyline, even while necessarily changing most of the details. So, I'm pretty happy on that score, too.

    I do, however, have to agree about the sound. Bane? I could understand most of his dialogue. But, there were times where I couldn't understand him... or anyone else, for that matter. The music was just waaaaay too loud and aggressive.


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