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    Re: 28th year anniversary whip!

    If you're excited now, just wait until you crack it!

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    Re: 28th year anniversary whip!

    Quote Originally Posted by neutronbomb View Post
    It had this really long gray cord which I cut off from the vacuum using my red swiss army knife. I also cut off the plug portion, used the knife to trim one end to a point, and then wrapped the other end around my hand a couple of times. Waalaa.....my first whip.
    Oh, man! That reminds me of myself as a kid! Hahaha!

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    Grizzled Grave Robber Knight of the Round Table neutronbomb's Avatar
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    I finally cracked it. Very satisfying. Haha it really is like being a kid again. Addictive too. Forgot how much it hurts to smack the back of your head with it. World class level of cursing.


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