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    Browning Hi Power replica

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    Re: Browning Hi Power replica

    I have not, but I see they have a Mk IV Webley for about thirty dollars less than that, too, if you're looking for "Indy-esque".
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    Re: Browning Hi Power replica

    That is very Inglis - esque

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    I ordered mine from these guys: http://www.historicreplicaguns.com/b...eplicagun.html

    Mostly so I didn't have to pay an extra $10 for a display stand. It took two weeks to get it, though.

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    Re: Browning Hi Power replica

    Quote Originally Posted by PLATON View Post
    I have. The photo on Historic Replica Guns is more accurate to what you'll get, though. It's Denix, so it is what it is.




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