Voyages Around the World by Marc Walter

I bought this book in 2003 for the princely sum of forty American dollars. It looks like it can be purchased through Amazon from between $17.99 (new) and $0.01 (used ?!?), and I can't say enough good things about it. 320 pages covering 150 years of travel around the globe.
Along with the fantastic pictures of exotic locales, the book contains removable inserts of vintage postcards, menus, travel brochures, and more. Great bits of ephemera for filling out a vintage style journal or diorama.

While I can't overstate my recommendation of buying this book for yourself, I will link to full size pictures for any of you artists who'd like to try your hand at your own reproduction ( or facsimile ) of these inserts:

...and there are plenty of great collages like this -

A passenger list that opens up to reveal, well...the passenger list -

But you'll really lose yourself in all the great old photographs:

Old timey cosplayers -