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Thread: Close Enough

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    Close Enough

    Here is a Smith and Wesson Victory


    This one has the green paint ( I forget what they refer to that coating as...) and an arrow stamp, indicating it was issued to UK troops. A Victory in pretty decent shape can be had for $400 and sometimes less, and the police models even cheaper if you look. With it's six inch barrel, it fits nicely in the Indy style holster or, as in the picture above, an authentic Webley holster. If you're going for a Raiders style, the barrel can be replaced or cut down, giving you a period authentic actual firearm, without setting you back a small fortune or consuming the time it takes to find a screen accurate pistol in any kind of decent shape.
    A good option for those in the States or countries with 'reasonable' firearm laws. Having said that, and considering the cost, especially for a non-working example, it strikes me as I write this that it would also make a solid choice for a period accurate deactivated gun.

    I had a nice resin WG that I painted myself and that went nicely with Wade Egan's KotCS holster, but it's hard to beat this close enough.
    Anybody else rocking a good 'close enough'?

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    Re: Close Enough

    Nice Victory!
    I think it would be cool to cut the barrel down and make a mini Bapty out of one.

    Here's my "close enough" Raiders gun, a S&W model 19

    And I guess you could say this would be my "close enough" Webley, a H&R 999 Sportsman




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