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Did you watch "The Wire"?

Several decent British actors in that too...And a bloody great story....Kind of connects to detection...Kind of, but then spirals off into so many different threads I don't really know what you'd call it..Except "genius"...Well worth the time to watch..
I'll second this and highlight the detective angle.
I know you're more for the 'period' angle on detective stories. While I like my adventurers from the late 1800's up through the 1950's, I like a good police store from the seventies through the nineties. David Simon used to write for the Baltimore Sun. He spent a year riding out with Baltimore, MD homicide detectives and the book that came from that experience is called Homicide. It's my favorite true crime book and I HIGHLY recommend it. From that book, Simon went on to create and produce Homicide: Life on the Streets for network television. The first two seasons are excellent, then it spins out of control into an AWFUL soap. Many of the characters are virtual transcriptions of actual detectives from the book.
The Wire is sort of the R-rated version of that network series. Far and away the most realistic portrayals of police and villains in the modern era ever committed to television.
But definitely, if nothing else, give Simon's Homicide a read. It's weird, funny, tragic, exciting... Good stuff.