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Thread: The Gin Thread

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    Re: The Gin Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Kt Templar View Post
    Nice stems.
    Heh - thanks ( though I'm reading sarcasm into that, unwarranted or not; funny )

    Fitzgerald - http://www.thekitchn.com/forgotten-g...-part-1-166935 - second one down.

    ...moved into a pitcher of hurricanes shortly thereafter, though ( scratch made, of course; no mixes )

    Edit: Pic still huge after reducing in photobucket. Am I doing something wrong? I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to computers...
    Nothin' more foolish than a man chasin' his hat.

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    Re: The Gin Thread

    Hays Fizz - http://philadelphia.foobooz.com/2010...ranstead-room/ ( just above the map )

    ...and Ramos Fizz: the Holy Crap best mixed drink I've ever had - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fizz_(cocktail)

    Nothin' more foolish than a man chasin' his hat.

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    Re: The Gin Thread

    It's funny, about 30 years ago, I got a chance to try Boodles Gin, supposedly one of the best, and I thought it tasted like pinecones soaked in gasoline, and gin became a punchline to a joke in my mind.

    Fast-forward to last year, after 10 years of drinking and enjoying a couple thousand different craft beers, including probably about a thousand incredibly-hopped double- and triple-IPAs, and I find myself in a position to, out of curiosity, try a sip of someone's Bombay Gin (and tonic) - and my jaw hit the floor (and stayed there for days) because I LIKED it. Apparently the appreciation of hops reprogrammed my palate to also appreciate the juniper notes inherent in gin.

    This learned soul whose drink I sampled told me that, in their lengthy life experience and opinion, a good gin always started with 'B' - they were impressed I had even heard of Boodles, much less tasted it, but his go-to was standard (not Sapphire) Bombay.

    I've tried a bottle of the Bombay Sapphire and I actually do prefer the standard Bombay, 3oz., with a couple of ice cubes and 5oz. of Schweppes or Canada Dry tonic water - that's it, nothing else. Out of the ether comes a bit of lemony flavor (to my palate, anyway) that I can't explain, and when I'm not drinking good craft beer, that's what's in my glass.

    Life is good, my friends.
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