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    Re: Open Discussion regarding Penman Hats status as a vendor on F&G

    Yeah I'm not really sure we should be crapping on Penman hats for all this, as it's not his fault.
    He's "taken over" AB to an extent, but didn't have any of the previous purchase agreements with Steve's customers. Unfortunately for Steve, had a horrible hand dealt to him and he couldn't keep up with orders. Health comes first, and this situation could happen with any vendor or business for that matter.

    I hate to say it but people are going to have to suck it up and come to terms that they probably aren't going to be getting a AB Crystal Skull hat they ordered many years ago.

    The only recommendation I would say for John is to maybe offer these customers (valid customers) the hat at cost maybe or something. Just to ease the burden of shelling out more $$$ to acquire a hat.

    I don't think we should be removing Penman as a vendor.

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    Re: Open Discussion regarding Penman Hats status as a vendor on F&G

    I agree with the Exit. Like I said, it is just a bad situation that arose with no one really/fully at blame. From all reports, Steve is a great guy and you hate to hear about someone having an ordeal like that. At first, I was upset about the hat, but there are things far more important than a hat. Good quality of life is very much ahead of it, and I wish Steve well.
    Out here not knowing a dang thing.

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    Re: Open Discussion regarding Penman Hats status as a vendor on F&G

    Anyone who has an issue with their order from Adventure built does not have the issue with John Penman, they have it with Steve Delk and certainly with COW. COW is where they should be addressing this, and COW has an obligation in helping them I think

    I don't know what member of members here brought this up, but it has no place here. If an individual has questions on the matter of Adventurebuilt bring them to John Penman and he will no doubt explain the relationship.

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    Re: Open Discussion regarding Penman Hats status as a vendor on F&G

    I've never heard of John failing to fulfill and order, and I've never heard anyone say his craftsmanship was anything less than superb. He has passion and pride in his business, and knows more than most of us what's been up with Adventurebilt. I don't think a solid case has been made for removing him as a vendor.

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    Re: Open Discussion regarding Penman Hats status as a vendor on F&G

    I cant seem to find the thread at either site, but I recall John pointing out he acquired the rights only for the AB name. He made it clear he didnt acquire the backlog of orders - nor should he. I personally would never expect the new owner of a company to fulfill a previous owners orders or pay off any debts.

    As such, his friendship and connection with Steve have given us the best updates we ever have of Steve and the current situation of things. Hes been very willing to inform us of his own free will of things as well as now working extra to keep the AB site going just so people have a way of gaining more current info.

    To lose John is to lose the clone of Steve himself in craftsmanship. As such, if you demote him as a vendor, you lose the only link we have with Steve as far as ive ever seen thus far.

    Keep John here. He should not have to suffer the pain for the unfortunate situation Steve got involved in. Steve was just too generous and kind-hearted in his prices and it very well might be that generosity that "kills the cat" so to speak. I really hope not though!

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    Re: Open Discussion regarding Penman Hats status as a vendor on F&G

    Due to the treatment I have been receiving here, I would prefer to no longer be associated with this site any longer. Please remove all mention of me and my company from this site www.fortuneandglory.org as soon as possible.

    Thank you in advance
    John Penman

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    Re: Open Discussion regarding Penman Hats status as a vendor on F&G

    John just posted this over on COW.....I can see it's beside the point in all regards now, but here it is anyway...

    Since there has been some confusion to who owns AB. I will run this down one more time. specially since the site went down for a few days there have been some concerns.

    Steve Delk still owns AB, Just as Marc Kitter is his own entity Adventurebilt Delux. I do NOT own Steve's company. He asked me to take it over when he retires but I told him I can NOT due to it being to overwhelming to stock and run two completely different handmade/custom made hat companies. He wanted his customers to have access to re-bocks/re-furishing for AB. He wanted the Indy 4 hats to still be able to be offered after he has hung up his hat at hat making. Steve is a fan of Indy and he wants his fellow indy fan to have what he didn't when he wanted that Raiders hat back in the day.

    I still wanted to help out Steve in his desires for AB so I said I will offer re-blocks/re-furshing but needed to stock sweatband, liners, etc. etc. Just like Marc I decided that with permission from Steve I would have the rights to make Adventurebilt Legacy but unlike Marc I don't or can't do a whole entire line of hats. It would be too overwhelming. Thats why I limited that permission to just a few very limited and no option line of hats. This way I can help my friend and still not be overwhelmed with two hat companies. Also by doing it this way I don't compete with Steve or Marc as I don't want to take money out of their pockets.

    right now the Legacy collection is limited to two hats that steve doesn't offer and with no options. This way I can limit how much stock I need to buy and stock.I am in NO way obligated to pay him any money but do so out of friendship as I feel I owe him for all his help and support of me becoming a hat maker.

    I can NOT use his Indy 4 blocks. I can NOT use them until after he retires. His plan is to continue as AB until he finishes off his back orders. even with Steve being in recovery he still isn't the same man he used to be. He still has his bad days and the illness has bankrupted him. He has no phone, no internet and Im doing everything I cash do to help him. In return hopefully helps customers who are waiting for their hats. I took over the website as the time on it was running out and someone had to pay for the fees. That is the reason I had to take it over as to keep it up and running. Since I have control over it I will be updated it and hopefully we will have something posted about backorders when I get word from Steve. Speaking of words with Steve. I do NOT hat a bat phone to Steve or a secret way of getting in contact with him. once in a while he meets up with his daughter and checks in on e-mails. Sometimes he gets mine and sometime he does NOT.

    At some point when Steve does retire we will rethink how AB will stay around. It could very well just be the Legacy collection with a few specific indy hats and Marc ABD. That mean the AB original will be no more and Marc and Myself will continue in our way but AB the original. We might revamp and do entire different thing for AB. It all depends on how long Steve needs to work to get things fulfilled. Where I am at in my life of hat making. Things change all the time. for right now the plan is AB will shut down and the indy 4 hats will live though the AB legacy collection as well as the brand with Marc and myself. Adventurebilt hats will always be Steve Delk because lets face it Steve Delk is Adventurebilt and no one will replace him.

    I will answer questions for a limited time so please get them out now. This has taken up more time then I have.


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    Steve Delk Back Order Updates and Discussion

    The most recent updates and discussion concerning Steve Delk's status in completing backorders are located in this thread. A few notes:

    1. Several emails have been sent to the site concerning backorders from Steve Delk. This is the thread to find out the most recent information we have on the subject and to update it if you have current information.

    2. Pertinent posts were copied from the John Penman thread into this thread in order to provide the most recent status updates for Steve Delk and some context.

    3. Just because we have free and open discussion does not mean that anything can be posted. Admining of posts can and do occur. It occurs rarely, but nevertheless, there is subject matter that is not tolerated. As a reminder:

    Please remember, Fortune and Glory does not tolerate discussion or the use of language and/or terms that are of a discriminatory and derogatory nature in regards to a person or groups age, gender, sex, ethnicity, creed, race, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, culture, etc. and/or for extreme use of language and offensive, graphic references towards others. Additionally, threats of physical violenice, stating as FACT with no proof the slandering of the site and members and other vendors will NOT be tolerated.
    Moving forward, posts that are in violation of our posting guidelines will be edited or deleted. They do NOT stay up for everyone's viewing pleasure. Sometimes I post a reminder of what the guideline is. If it continues unabated, then posting privileges are suspended for a day or two. If it still continues, membership may be terminated.

    4. Per his request, John Penman is no longer a member at F&G. However, as has been the case from F&G's inception, despite numerous attempts over the years to control and dictate the content on our site with the latest coming from Penman himself, discussion is as always open on all things indy gear and vendor related.

    5. http://www.fortuneandglory.org/threa...me-Steve-Delk!

    Quote Originally Posted by bendingoak View Post
    - should I start with that Steve isn't a member here and never advertised or been a part of this forum...
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    Re: Steve Delk Back Order Updates and Discussion

    Heard about this, went to investigate to confirm & took a screenshot:


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