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    Steve Delk Back Order Updates and Discussion

    I need help. I cant get ahold of Steve at Adventurebilt. What should I do? I tried to call him and email him with no reply. I really just want to get my hat reblocked
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    Re: Help Cant Get Ahold Of Steve

    Do you live in Europe? Then maybe Marc can also help you with this. Or he can help to get in contact with his colleague Steve.

    The new mail adress is info@adventurebilt.com and Marc has a new partner (Stefan), who answers mails.
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    No word from Steve

    Guys I need to get ahold of Steve to get my Ab reblocked but he does not right me back. Does anybody know of any other way to get ahold of him?

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    Re: No word from Steve

    Last I heard Steve was fighting a steph infection. Might still be down in the weather still.

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    Re: No word from Steve

    Oh maybe thats why. Maybe in a week or two I can give him a call.

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    Re: No word from Steve

    Has anybody heard from Steve I need to get my hat reblocked but don't want to send it to Penman he is to high for a reblock. I am shooting him one last email.

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    Re: No word from Steve

    I sent him a message when he said to contact him if you hadn't got the hat you ordered (some orders had gone missing). He got back to me within a few days that he had gotten my order. That was around a month or so ago.
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    Re: No word from Steve

    Steve might not have time to do reblocks. His health has been in question for quite a while and as soon as all orders are filled he plans on retiring. I hope he has many years left to enjoy.

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    Anyone heard from Steve lately?

    First off, this isn't a bashing thread. I asked the same question about a year ago and got some good response. Steve (through Jnicktern, I believe) told us that his health had taken a really bad turn, but that he was recovering. He mentioned that he had lost a page of orders and anyone who hadn't received their hat needed to contact him. I emailed him what I had ordered and he replied he got my message.

    That was about a year ago and I've heard nothing since. I'm not trying to get on the man even if he was completely healthy, which I know is far from the case. But, I ordered my hat in April of 2008 and I'd love to have it. If that can't be done, no big deal. But I would like to get a refund so I can get a new Wested Hero or something else.

    So, has anyone heard from him lately?

    Edited to add that I have tried to contact him several times in the last year.
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    Re: Anyone heard from Steve lately?

    I too haven't heard anything about him and am hoping he's doing well. I haven't tried contacting him lately but earlier emails to him when I first started to write to him (I say that was 2009/2010) were answered promptly. Ever since, my emails have gone unanswered and my attempts at calling him - both via regular phone and his cell - have yielded no results. I am a procrastinator and that has gotten me into a lot of hot water regarding items as Steve asked me what size the hats I ordered were to be. I was debating over whether to get one Ford sized and the other my size, both my size, etc etc so I never got back to him with a definitive answer. Now that I think I've got my sizing down, I can't reach him to let him know and get the ball rolling on my hats. I ordered mine back in 2010.

    As a procrastinator, I've been battling over how to properly and concisely write him a letter as I want to ask him also a few questions regarding some hats I own and the only person with the answers to them are from Steve himself. So I've REALLY got to get the ball rolling on that.

    I've heard from a few different people who've actually done this with great results is to slip Steve a check or money order for a couple to few hundred dollars more than what you paid initially for the hat to "expedite" things. Bribery - yes - but I've heard it works.

    Like you Crismans, this is not me bashing Steve or AB in any way. I got a good deal on my hats when I ordered them and while I've thought of canceling my order many times to get a refund, I figure for the price I got I'd at least try to contact Steve some more to see if I can get at least an answer on my order. I've only been on this for 2 years - Crismans, you have been waiting 2x as long. And I know it's been mentioned elsewhere, but I think if he could at least get someone in to answer emails and post brief updates, that would help quell things a lot. Heck, if it worked for me and I could find a place to reasonably live down there, I'd offer to move down there myself and help him with that in return for some apprenticeship training on hat-making.


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