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Thread: Sankara Stones

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    Sankara Stones

    Ok, it's a prop one can make more or less easy in the normal brown "stone" version. But I have seen on a local Summit last year some very nice pieces made (probably also sold) by a COW member, translucent with some glowing device in them. Since then I also dream of getting similar pieces. I am sure the COW ones aren't any longer available (I'm not a member there, so I can't check) and so far I also did not find them in the RPF.

    But then I stumbled across this ebay selling: http://cgi.ebay.com/Sankara-Stone-Tr...item588bdeee59
    Well 50 bucks sounds not too expensive and I may be able to work with them and put some LED into the base. But what I want to know is, has anyone here seen the Reelart-Sankaras for real? All I heard about their other products is that they are Ok for a cheap prop but not at all very acurate and quality (e.g. they also sell a Cross of Coronado which doesn't look very good compared even to the cheaper one from Singapur). On the pictures they look nice, but we all know how the let something look better in the age of Photoshop & Co.
    I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog.

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    Re: Sankara Stones

    I thought a guy over at COW by the name of Azuma did a translucent light-up version. Not sure though. In any case, he hasn't advertised them in quite awhile over there. If I get some free-time, I'll try to remember to do some research over there on light-up sankara's.

    As for the reelart ones - I encourage you to save yourself the trouble I had by starting to buy Indy props on Ebay. 99% of them are cheap knock-offs and really aren't worth the money imo. One fellow (now friend) over at COW whose done A LOT of props collecting, after I asked him three different times (yes, THREE - you can see I can't learn) about his advice on an Ebay vendor's prop(s), always answered me the same way --- buy locally. That meaning buying from vendors through a fellow forum. Sure they will undoubtedly cost you more, but in the end you'll look at the item(s) and think "this was worth EVERY penny I paid for it", not to mention knowing that they're quality built pieces because those that make the props on the forums, I've found, aren't into it as much for making money as they are to provide a prop that's as top quality and accurate as possible. And honestly - that's what counts.

    So if you can help, and afford, it, I'd recommend shopping within your forums or having someone whose a member of other forums you're not keep an eye out for you. Buying from them will give you piece of mind you know the full history of the item, how it was made, as well as having an item that's highly SA and quality.

    Just my two cents. Best of luck!

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    Re: Sankara Stones

    Save yourself the money. REELART is a RECASTER. He takes other peoples stuff and molds them making inferior copies. They usually have lots of bubbles and he charges alot. Stick with people on the prop boards.

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    Re: Sankara Stones

    I thought so, thanks for confirming my suspicions about this shop. So I have to wait until one of Azuma's shows up somewhere or he makes new ones. Do you know how much he charged for the stones back then? Just curious about how much I should plan to invest for this special prop.

    Until then I wait for Markpoon's urn to become my first ToD prop. (pics will follow as soon as I get it)
    I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog.




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