View Full Version : Indiana Jones KOTCS-Style Bullwhip

04-20-2011, 06:16 PM
Hello Folks!

Here's the whip I mentioned in my thread that I'm interested in selling. It'll be 2 years old this summer. I'm looking to upgrade to a different whip, and could use the funds from this one to help fund that.

Living here in the midwest, by the time the snow melts and returns, I usually only have about 5 months of time to actually use the whip so it hasn't seen much use. I've pecarded the fall generously after every cracking session and the rest of the whip has been lightly greased after 5-10 times using it. It was made by J. Emery of www.classicbullwhips.com (http://www.classicbullwhips.com) and a picture of my actual whip can be seen on his homepage. He went to great lengths making sure every nuance of the Jacka whip was replicated into mine, even going so far as to travel and use an actual Jacka whip.

I've never replaced the fall and only 1 cracker has been replaced. It's been cracked on dry grass and stored in a cool, temperate room in my house.

$400 excluding shipping to you (you pay the fees if paying via paypal). Money Orders and Personal Checks accepted too.