View Full Version : New Old Stock WELLS LAMONT INDY GLOVES $25 Shipped!!!

03-24-2011, 02:30 PM
Hello All!

Sorry - I accidentally deleted the original post. I've sold several over at COW and some on Ebay, so I'm running out. They are higher on Ebay but I'm selling them cheaper on the threads for the true fans and community.

I just found some NOS Wells Lamont Gloves, Sized Medium. I bought all I could, but obviously the supply is very limited. These were packaged for industrial sales, not for individual retail so no retail packaging is included.

I will sell these for $25 a pair, shipped in the CON U.S.!!! $30 for overseas buyers.

Slight variations. Some are more tan with tan trim, others are a lighter color with tan trim. If you have a preference I'll do my best to accommodate.