View Full Version : Replacing the liner in my US Wings CE Jacket

12-07-2010, 06:34 PM
I recently bought a used CE jacket that's in mint condition minus one thing - the liner is full of what looks to be cat hair. This was not mentioned when I talked to the fellow, and was a complete surprise when I saw it. However, I'm not going to ruffle feathers by asking him if I can send it back for a refund (highly unlikely as most people wouldn't), and I'll try to continue getting as much off as I can. I'll try to clean off as much as I can yet, but as I'm allergic to cats, I worry that this jacket will not work for me due to the uniform spread of the hair through the inner body and sleeves of the jacket.

So, if worst comes to worst ---- what would you recommend as a good place that can replace these liners? I'd hate to have to sell it, but may have to if both of these options don't pan out. I'm looking to pay no more than $50-100 tops for the replacement, otherwise I'll have enough into a used jacket to have bought a brand new one. If that becomes the case, I'll sell the jacket.

So I'll await your responses and advice, but have decided that if you're interested in the jacket, I'll sell it for $310 including Priority Mail shipping to you if you're in the US. Also will consider trades.

Thanks everyone!