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11-23-2010, 03:52 AM

I thought I'd let everyone here know and get a chance first that I'm almost finished compiling a wonderful Raiders outfit. I've spared no expense on this costume.

It includes the following:

Lee Keppler 100% pure beaver fedora (styling yet to be determined - may come back CS, may come back Raiders) size 7 1/8

Wested Raiders Shirt Size XL (perhaps my seamstress can take in the arms to make the shirt fit like a medium. Will let the buyer decided this)

Magnoli Dark Khaki Wool Blend Trousers, Size 35 waist, 30in inseam with hem in place

Keppler Raiders Gunbelt

Keppler generic whipholder (or you can opt out of this one if you don't want the generic)

Replica Mark VII Gas Mask Bag with your choice of my few Raiders bag straps

The only things NOT included are a Raiders holster, gloves, jacket and Aldens. However, if you're really interested, I may be pursuaded to sell my size 10 pair of Todds boots which have never been used and are new in box if you need the boots.

The price has not been set yet but I'm estimating somewhere around $450 (excluding the boots) for the outfit mentioned. The Keppler hat alone cost me $300 and has never been used. I am IN NO WAY pricing this to make a profit - every item I'm selling I'm selling at cost to what I've got into it. This helps keep the cost low for you and all I want is to get my money out of it and break even.

Items are still coming in as we speak so please PM me if interested and I'll put you down on a list, first come first serve basis. Once I have everything compiled, I'll shoot you a PM and we'll discuss things better then with pictures, etc.

I want to give my fellow members/friends an opportunity to buy this AT COST before I decide to part with it on Ebay. But I'll let you know when I got the Bay route.

Thanks for looking!


11-30-2010, 03:24 PM

The fedora is back. It came back with the CS style; however, if I find there to be no interest in the hat, I may send it out to a different hatter to have rebashed to a Raiders styling as I really see the Raiders in this hat more than CS. The beaver felt is also more floppy than I remembered it, so I believe it would flop nicely to a Raiders style.

The trousers are here! I was afraid the dark khaki might be too dark in comparison with the fabric sample I have from Magnoli in that shade, but I was very surprised. It's not overly dark at all and, like I've heard from some people who thought the same, the color could be much darker. Which is why, perhaps, that Magnoli designed his special vintage brown cavalry twill. The drape is perfect as is the overall craftsmanship of the trousers. I'll offer these up for sale as part of the costume, but if I get no real interest, I may just keep them.

I also found in my surplus gear an 8ft whipholder that would be more accurate to Raiders than the generic I mentioned by Keppler. So I'm throwing that one in instead.

So that's the scoop thus far. Once I compile the gunbelt, I'll take some pictures and post them on my ad for all of you to see. I'll then give it a good week before listing it over at the other forum and will give both places a good week's worth of viewing before trying it on Ebay.


11-30-2010, 07:24 PM
Good luck on the sale DSS, you've compiled a nice lot of the costume

12-07-2010, 08:43 PM
Here's the auction for the Raiders Costume:


The pricing accounts for only what I have into the items. As I've said, I simply want to give others the opportunity for as high quality/lowest priced outfit that is available. As such, I just want to liquidate these items and get my money out of them for other purchases.

So spread the word. I haven't listed this at COW as I'm afraid I'll post something "not quite right" and warrant a permanent "ban" from there. Nothing against COW otherwise, but a past experience has made me more leery of what I do over there and how I go about things.