View Full Version : Indy Shirt Comparison Dimensions Wanted

10-01-2010, 02:46 AM
Hello Everyone! First off, I'd like to take this time to say that it's wonderful to once again be in the company of such great people! I have missed you all greatly and I want everyone to know how much I appreciate you and look forward to contributing to this forum.

I was wondering if you could help me with a bit of research I am doing. I've recently acquired a Magnoli CS shirt but am noticing some differences between the screen-used CS shirt and Magnoli's CS shirt. To me, the epaulettes and pleats seem to be a little too thin for SA so I wanted to compare other shirts to see what looks more authentic for when I order another shirt from Magnoli. Therefore, I would like to ask if you would be willing to provide me the following information,

Length and width of the epaulettes
How far the stitching is away from the edge of the epaulettes
Width of the pleats, along with how far away from the edge the stitching is
Width of center pleat (where the shirt buttons slide through) with stitching measurement

For the following shirts:

Noel Howard/MBA
Any other shirt I may have overlooked

Thanks for your help on this and see all of you around the board! :)