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09-20-2010, 11:36 PM
Here are pictures of my My Grey Clipper hat that I've had for a few months and my Well of Souls hat that arrived from Gunslinger last week. I was lucky enough to be able to pick up Gunslinger's very first prototype "Grey Clipper" dress hat and then of course I saw his "Secret Chamber" (WOS) model and just had to get that one too.

He was also generous enough to apply his talent and skills into successfully reworking one of my most prized possessions, an Adventurebilt Deluxe 100% Pure Beaver Felt Raiders Hat. Read all about that adventure that's also a prologue to this thread here: http://www.fortuneandglory.org/index.php?topic=574.0

Here's a few shots of the prototype grey clipper. Love this hat. Awesome for blues and charcoals. I prefer the cowboy curl so I tend to work the brims of my hats towards that a bit over time:

And now for the WOS Schubert Rabbit:

I took these hats up to the first Pine Valley Indy Summit last week and the reception was overwhelming. The last Crusader who's a member here at F&G got to take a look at them. I think we were both super impressed with Gunslinger's talent and ability. Just beautiful and to get that all the way Raiders look with the floppiness and creasing and everything. Rabbit all the way. I love the look of the Raiders hat in especially the WOS scene. To me it is the absolute quintessential Raiders movie hat.

(Well other than this one. It's a tough call:http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt235/neutronbomb_photos/ROTLA%20-%20Hat%20Pictures/ScreenUsedFedora4a.jpg)

And to have one of my very own WOS' is just a dream. Pure Rabbit. The bashing, the workmanship, the accuracy, the look. I am just so satisfied with everything. What a great feeling:


you can see lighting makes a huge difference:

Once again, Thank you Gunslinger for the tremendous effort and time spent on this project. Just an incredible job. Please feel free to jump in and round out the story and add more info on the Hawaii movie hat differences and any other pictures you took while working on the ABD in my other thread http://www.fortuneandglory.org/index.php?topic=574.0 and of course any follow-up on your very own WOS hat right here in this thread. I'm sure your photography is much better than mine and could really add to all of our information and knowledge.

P.S. I know I've talked about my dad a bit in some other threads. Came across this photo of him last year in his helicopter wearing one of his two Tony Nowak Jackets made from the ESSL hide. This one is one of Tony's version of a bomber jacket.

Still looking good dad!

09-21-2010, 01:45 AM
Beautiful hats, NB. As a proud owner of a Schubert Clipper myself, they are very well made and just scream Indy to me.

09-21-2010, 03:12 AM
Thanks for including the picture of your Dad, Bryan. After reading about him in your Tony Nowak post, it is nice to see what he looks like. Nice jacket, too!

09-21-2010, 07:20 AM
Looks like a shrunken lamb a-2. Was it also made by Tony? Very nice picture.