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The Last Crusader
09-13-2010, 03:04 PM
Hi Guys and Gals!

Just thought I’d share some pics and a review of my What Price Glory (WPG) Indy Shirt. I’ve had this shirt for awhile now and have been breaking it in to get that authentic Indy look.

This is the new pattern from WPG. The new shirts run slimmer than they used to. The old version was cut VERY generously, and most folks ended up swimming in them. I wasn’t sure if the Medium or Large would be best for me, but I KNEW I’d need to order it in LONG, so I ordered one of each. (Med/Long and Large/Long) I’m wearing the Medium/Long in these pics.


Turns out I’m sorta in between sizes here. The Medium is pretty snug but the Large is too baggy and doesn’t look like an Indy shirt on me; I see Indy’s shirts as being pretty “form fitting.” I’m 6’4” and around 210 lbs. I can get away with wearing the Large with my everyday clothes, but the Medium works way better for me with the Indy gear.

Photo of button comparision-Replaced on left; Original on pocket to the right


As usual, I had to put my personal touch on this piece of gear, so (aside from the sweat stains) I swapped out the buttons. I only have owned Todd’s and WPG shirts, and have swapped the buttons out on both makers’ shirts. The buttons which these shirts came with appear a bit “lighter-duty” than the type of buttons I’ve found on real uniform shirts. Also, the color of the buttons that came with the shirts was almost the exact same shade as the shirts themselves.

The buttons which came with the shirts may well be screen accurate, (I dunno...) but I like the ones I swapped them out with; the replacements were taken off some old uniform shirts.

(Button photo close-up) http://i673.photobucket.com/albums/vv94/tundrarider/002-10.jpg

Here’s a pic which is allegedly a screen-used Noel Howard Raiders shirt. As with this shirt, I like the buttons to “contrast” with the shirt color; buttons (to me) are an accent and should stand out a little from the shirt.

Screen-used shirt


The epaulettes have a slight taper from the shoulder at 1 5/8” to the button at 1 3/8”. Not sure is this is screen accurate or not, but it looks good tapered. (Some of my uniform shirts have the straight epaulettes and some have the tapered.

Also, the shirt features the slot in the pocket for the pen to be carried.

(Epaulette shot) http://i673.photobucket.com/albums/vv94/tundrarider/003-9.jpg


I’d describe the color as “Stone”; a very grayish-khaki color. I took a photo of the WPG next to two of Todd’s shirts from different batches. My pants are shown above the shirts for color contrast and comparison. The WPG (left) and the Todd’s (Middle) both have had the buttons replaced. The Todd's on the right still has the original buttons. (BTW, this is not intended as a comparison review between WPG shirts and Todd’s; I only put Todd’s shirts in here for comparison of colors. My Todd’s shirts are awesome and have served me well for years! )


Replaced buttons on Todd's shirt (Cuff shows original buttons) http://i673.photobucket.com/albums/vv94/tundrarider/018-9.jpg

As for the “authentic” sweat and dirt stains, I decided to distress the shirt naturally :shock: …That is, I soak the shirt in water, put it on and mow the lawn or do other work in the yard. The shirt dries on my body and this helps it form naturally to my shape.


I’d recommend the WPG shirt to anyone looking for a sturdy, well cut, OTR Indy shirt.

Thanks for looking! (And a special thank you to my lovely sweetheart for her support and great photography skills! )


09-14-2010, 05:06 AM
Michael, as always, great review and pictures! I really like what you've done by adding new buttons. The color contrasts nicely with the shirt color. Great job! :)

09-14-2010, 05:14 AM
Well, you've definitely made me look to WPG for my next shirt. Looks very LC to me... Very nice work as usual, mate!

09-14-2010, 10:20 AM
Great review. Your WPG is indeed a very good looking Indy shirt. And it fits you very well.

09-14-2010, 04:49 PM

Really nice shirt my friend! I had bought one about a year ago but for some reason didn't care for it as I thought it was too dark. Yours doesn't look as dark as I thought mine did. May have to order one again just to see! :) Are the epaulettes pointed like the LC/CS style, or do they have the flat ends like in Raiders? Also, what about the pleats in front - cut off by stitching like the Raiders or one straight line down like LC/CS? Thanks and wonderful shirt once again! You truly could take over Ford's spot as Indy with that gear! ;)


The Last Crusader
09-15-2010, 08:07 PM
Many warm thanks to Noah, Kurt, Rask and DSS!!!

There's a detailed epaulette picture posted above; it's a link photo beneath the Screen used shirt. Not sure what you mean about the stitching. That's a little further down the SA road than I wish to travel at this point in my gear collecting... :)

Thanks for the kind words!