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02-03-2016, 09:38 PM
Previously categorized under The Imam Jacket.

http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt235/neutronbomb_photos/ROTLA%20-%20promo%20pics/th_RaidersHawaii_original_zps1psr23xg.jpeg (http://s615.photobucket.com/user/neutronbomb_photos/media/ROTLA%20-%20promo%20pics/RaidersHawaii_original_zps1psr23xg.jpeg.html)

Here's a compare of the zipper placement underneath the collar stand that shows the Hawaii is different than the Imam:
http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt235/neutronbomb_photos/ROTLA%20-%20The%20Imam%20Jacket/th_brjacket_compare1_zps3s9fwpau.png (http://s615.photobucket.com/user/neutronbomb_photos/media/ROTLA%20-%20The%20Imam%20Jacket/brjacket_compare1_zps3s9fwpau.png.html)

Here's work that Mac did on the zipper placements underneath the collar stand that show The Hawaii Jacket is not the Imam Jacket:

1. Collar/collar stand attachment seam appears different on each jacket, and, as KT pointed out, the construction appears to differ. In addition, the Hawaii collar to collar stand attachment point appears somewhat crooked and the collar 'jumps' over the collar stand; this is evident in multiple Hawaii shots. On the Imam the collar stand proceeds straight out and the collar aligns nicely with the stand.

2. The point at which the collar starts to fold downward is different. On the Imam the collar rises from the collar stand seam and then folds downward. On the Hawaii the collar folds downward beginning at the collar stand seam and there is no hint of a previous fold in the leather.


3. The collars present differently. The Imam left side collar stands upright, while the Hawaii collar lays relatively flat.


4. The left side zipper does not behave the same on either jacket. On the Imam the zipper forms a wavy S shape and constantly reveals the inner lining. It does so without fail throughout the various shots of the Imam. On the Hawaii jacket the zipper never evidences the wavy S shape form (other than when the zipper undulates due to jerky movement), it continually hangs essentially straight down without revealing the liner.

http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c39/Mac0/Jackets/Imam%20vs%20Hawaii%20Zipper%20Hang_zpsefjmkqyy.jpg ~original

5. The zipper gaps do not match. The Imam zipper terminates lower below the collar stand, while the Hawaii zipper terminates closer to the collar stand. Most who have weighed in on this subject have agreed that this appears to be the case.



One may discount some of these discrepancies for various reasons, but taken together they are compelling and strongly suggest that the Imam and Hawaii are different jackets.