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Are we sure that's the original LC jacket? Because the LC jacket from the movie (at least the hero one Ford wears) has a distinctive small horizontal gash about midway on the storm flap, which this clearly does not. Also, I don't recall all those scratches on the back, though I suppose the camera flash could be bringing those out more than they appeared on film, which could also explain why this looks too overly distressed. Also interesting to note that this being a Last Crusade(-style) jacket, there's a picture of Indy from Raiders at the front of the display. What, they couldn't find a LC still to use? :)

As an aside, that whip looks mighty fine as well.

10-10-2015, 12:18 AM
There are at least two distinct jackets used in LC. The easiest way to tell is that they have different collar/storm flap configurations. If memory serves, one has the collar come about midway of the storm flap (ala Raiders) while the other one has the collar end where the storm flap begins (although I remember Patterson once argued with Holt and myself that it was all a trick of lighting :rolleyes:)!

I seem to recall that a member on COW way back in the day, matched the marks on one of these jackets (I'm thinking it was this one) to the marks on the jacket worn in the tank scenes. My memory might be failing me here, but that's what I'm thinking. Anyone else remember this?

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Yes. I'll post up the link where we discuss this.

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I believe the Kurtz is an aftermarket Wested. Someone paid big money for that jacket, right? This one, as far as I know was one of the film jackets. This one is a bit more form fitting. I like the older styled strap config. The other, more relaxed and the sleeves were wider.

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Yeah, so I was going through my LC screencaps and confirmed that the jacket is indeed worn by Ford in the film. I've pointed out the matches:


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Yeah, so I was going through my LC screencaps and confirmed that the jacket is indeed worn by Ford in the film. I've pointed out the matches:

Good work! I thought this jacket (is this one known as the Chicago jacket?) matched up with a screen used one.

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