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10-08-2015, 08:58 PM
Hello, IMyourGDpartner! ;)

Many of you I recognize from another forum. Back in the day, when the "jacket wars" of old were raging, I sat back and watched one member after another get thrown out of the forum, because they did not agree with the "official story".

I observed that 'Patterson' served as the forum's bouncer, and would draw others out. Consequently, they would be exposed, and then quietly disposed of. Let's tell it like it is...? However, I wanted to join a forum that would be much more truthful and accurate in its recounting of the film origins that we have all come to enjoy.

I have always believed that the simplest and best explanation is usually the most accurate. Yet, when a certain other vendor was introduced into the picture, far fetched stories and fanciful tales had to be devised to graft him in, whether he was involved or not, he WAS going to be involved, ok?!

As a fledgling filmmaker, Luke was not accepted by the Hollywood establishment, so he had to make his movies in England, until the point at which his films were TOO popular and successful for the establishment to deny him, reminiscent of Hendrix.

Compared to other full fledged, major motion pictures of the day, Raiders was filmed on a shoe string budget. This turbo charged, B film would be shot quick and dirty and under budget, for a feature film of its time.

Spielberg, having had the overruns of Jaws, Close Encounters and 1941 to his credit, was under the gun, and HAD to prove that he could deliver a film that was under budget AND at least on time. The pressure was on.

What seemed most probable to me, was that LFL entered into an exclusive agreement with Bermans and Nathans. Raiders was primarily filmed in England, at Elstree Studios, the Rickmansworth School, and relatively nearby at LaRochelle, France, so it only makes sense that due to logistics and budgetary constraints, that such a contract and its subsequent subcontractors would be vendors solicited in and around London.

It was told that Steven Spielberg was unhappy with Peter's work, and he had Cooper flown in the night before filming, that he stayed up all night making not one but two jackets....? It's getting deep, isn't it..? Roll up your pants, boys! Make some more coffee will you Steven, it's going to be a looonnnng night! I do not, nor have I ever believed that Neil Cooper was ever involved in these films as a jacket maker. I don't think anyone doubts that they made aftermarket jackets, that is, after the fact.

The above mythic and legendary scenarios of the "official jacket history" accounts lead me to draw a few conclusions. The other forum spins the "Cooper Myth" to promote this vendor and his successor as the original maker in an attempt to increase his sales, and in return, the vendor offers as fringe benefits, free jackets for the Admin and Mods, no..?

It's time for the dirty little secret of the form to be exposed. Come out, come out wherever you are, little wack job...!

The forum admin (over there) desperately want to fix Cooper as the original maker, an American, that it would be "American made".

A few lingering questions....do you think the Western Costumes "mock up" ever existed? This too would be an attempt to tie in an American maker.

Any proof as to the Wilson's jackets being used in Raiders? As you know, the story was that at least one was used in the truck drag. I read on this site that DN discarded them and did not bring them to England, was it?

It appears as though the prototype jacket, with its wide yoke, was obviously different from the Hero jacket. Do you think Peter made the proto and it was used in the dock sequence until the pattern and specs were finalized?

The Cooper Myth surfaces yet AGAIN, just after Raiders, when it was told that Cooper was to make the ToD jackets and that all the Raiders jackets had to be disposed of. This has to be yet another lie to force Cooper into the picture. The insinuation that the Raiders jackets had to be destroyed, ties up Peter's involvement nice and neatly, and opens the door for the Cooper participation.

As screen caps and other data tend to imply, it could be that the Raiders prototype jacket or jackets, could have either been used or were templates for the jackets as seen in ToD...?

In the end, there are no smoking guns, just smoking people, and what remains is casual little perversions of the truth...to say that we "know" something....to be an "authority" on something...? Really?

Oh what a tangled web we weave....


10-08-2015, 09:24 PM
Wow. I can't believe they're still promoting that Patterson fabricated story over there. There's been a fair amount of discussion on this in the 'nukin' the fridge' section you might have fun reading through. It's in the site admin section of the forum.

10-08-2015, 09:53 PM
Here's the link to the Neil Cooper thread http://www.fortuneandglory.org/threads/31-Neil-Cooper-and-Raiders

10-09-2015, 12:46 AM
Yeah, there's some great reading in there. Grab you a plate of Chilean sea bass and enjoy the thread! ban-llama

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Lol. Man that guy was a douche :D