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08-31-2010, 08:33 PM
I thought that there should be a place to tell stories about Tony. He made incredible jackets, which many threads here will show. Something greater come out of knowing Tony, real friendships with many of us.

Knowing Tony was like what it must have been like to know Frank Sinatra, just a cool guy.

One time Tony and I were chatting away on the phone about the Raiders jacket when he asked me:


I think that I said "Huh?" or something like that. Tony continued:


This conversation really got me laughing, and over time, Tony and I talked more, about Life ... what an honor to have known him, a man of genuine talent, complete class and integrity of character.

If you didn't know Tony, your wrong, you actually do, because a piece of him and his many works will live on forever in cinema history. If you can ever get one of his original jackets ... do not hesitate, he was the best of the best. Tony made some the coolest, most famous people, look even cooler.


08-31-2010, 08:56 PM
I'm not sure that I have a "story" to post here, ie, a specific incident or conversation. I'm just glad that I was fortunate enough to know the man and talk to him on several occasions. Not only about the jackets, but just life.

NB needs to copy/paste his story over here for posterity. It's a great one.

Sorry to hijack your post here, Crismans, but the only way to insert Neutronbomb's Tony Nowak story into this thread above the other replies to it is to slip it into your post here. Sooo, here it is:


hmmm.........'the bomber' story :rolleyes: I don't know about "lovingly" Michael 'cause it was a wild ride, but once he got it in his head........he never let go of it.

My wife and I had a ton of fun with you guys. After I told her the whole this guy's not sure Tony can give him what he wants, but I talked to him and he's going to for it, and the jacket's finished, he says it's incredible and wants to get together, etc. etc., well she was in. She just had to see your jacket after all that. She was totally impressed of course >:( :D

Hey do you mind if I post some pictures I took that night in your thread??

So yeah Michael...........they'll let anyone in ??? apparently I snuck in somehow. Don't tell anyone ;)

Ok...the bomber story. Tony and I had an inside joke, which Michael of course hates ;D, so here's the story:

Whenever Tony and I saw each other one of us would ask, "Crossed any yellow lines lately?" One night, I learned about Tony's commitment, his passion for what he did.

Basically, Tony told a customer he would send some packages via DHL that day. Tony called DHL and said he had to deliver some boxes to DHL and what time did they close. The DHL person thought Tony was an over the road truck driver delivering an entire truck load of DHL packages to a HUB. They thought he worked for DHL and was transferring a tractor trailer load from one major HUB to another. So they said he had to be there by 10pm and gave him the address for the LA DHL Hub. I didn't know any of this at the time and I didn't know Tony had never used DHL before. Apparently, this particular customer of Tony's needed Tony to use DHL for some reason. So at 9:45pm Tony turns to me and says, "I have to get some boxes over to DHL by 10pm, help me." Ok. So we load up his white suburban with about 4 or 5 large packages and jump in and go. I'm just along for the ride 8)

Well it's about 9:57pm when we get there and there's this large gate with a security booth where drivers check in. At this point I'm starting think, hey wait a second!? Because in another life time I managed a loading dock at a FEDEX GROUND at the Denver Hub. And I know the deal. This wasn't the place where you go to the Postal Annex or something in a strip mall and send someone some packages via UPS or FedEx or whatever. I know a hub when I see one. But, I don't know DHL at all and I figured Tony does this all the time and knows the deal and maybe DHL takes packages at their Hub or something.

So Tony zooms up to the security gate and one of the guards (they were doing a shift change so there was half a dozen or so guards standing around the gate) starts signing him in through his window assuming Tony's a normal driver. Asks for his Driver license, etc. Well Tony's dashboard clock clicks over to 10pm and he reaches out grabs his driver license and floors it. He sees all these loading docks and a ramp going up one and takes it going about 10 miles and hour. "uh Tony, hey, uh Tony!" We catch air at the top and without slowing down he starts weaving in and around all these rows of pallets. He sees a desk and an office at the back of the warehouse and without touching the brakes he heads right for it. Now there are yellow lines everywhere. Clearly they're used for safety and designate where fork lifts can drive, etc. There are about 4 guys, supervisors standing around drinking coffee outside the office door and Tony's slams on his brakes about 3 feet from where they're standing. I thought he was going to smash them into the wall. He glances at the clock on his dashboard and it says 10:01pm and he freaks out. He leans out the window and yells at the first guy standing there with their mouth open and coffee spilling down his shirt, "who do I give these boxes to?". The guy says, "you crossed the yellow lines." Tony screams, "Forget your yellow lines! Who do I give these boxes to?" The four guys standing there start realizing that somethings not right and another one says, "Hey. Who's that in the passenger seat?" Because I don't look like I belong with the way I'm dressed. Tony's in his work clothes. At the same time the first guy can't wrap his mind around the fact that we actually just crossed all these yellow lines and says, "You have to get back behind the yellow lines." At this point Tony jumps out of his all white unmarked Suburban and screams at the first guy, "FORGET YOUR YELLOW LINES! I need to drop off these boxes." I see all four guys look up and I turn to see about 6 security guards running at full speed towards us, but they're all the way across the warehouse and now these guys know somethings really wrong :lamp: The second guy glances back at me and right after Tony just finishes screaming in the first guys face he asks Tony again, "Who's your passenger?" Tony's had it. He knows I have a nickname, neutronbomb, but he's forgotten it and my real first name. So he is very agitated He's now purple, red :mad:, and barely understandable with his thick Polish accent. He turns from the first guy to the second guy and completely blows his fuse, "It Doesn't Matter Who he is. HE'S THE BOMBER!! I NEED TO DROP OF THESE BOXES AND GET OUT OF HERE!!"

I jump out and intercept the security guards who are screaming into walkie talkies and trying to figure out how to get their night sticks and mace out of their belts. Big wide deer in the headlights eyes ???, spilled coffee, and donut glaze all over their faces. They all stop as I'm heading for them and they're looking over my shoulder at Tony screaming and waving his arms about the BOMBER and pointing to his white unmarked Suburban.

Un......believable is all I've got to say.

We laugh about it now, but believe me.........What's funny and I'm ashamed to say is I too misspoke in all the excitement and all I could think of to tell these security guards was that Tony's from another country and doesn't understand. So I try to get to them before they reach Tony and tackle him or something. As I get to them the first thing I say is, "Hey guys, sorry about all this, but he's a Pollock", as I point at Tony who's still yelling and waving his arms at these guys and trying to get them to help him unload his boxes (three of them took off running when they heard bomber and the first one is in shock and all he can do is keep telling Tony about the yellow lines. I thought Tony was going to punch him straight in the face. Tony's like, "Are you stupid? Listen. Listen. HEY LISTEN! I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR YELLOW LINES!! Help me with these boxes). The security guards looked at me like I was standing right there in front them doing a jig in a straight jacket. And then this big monstrous guy goes, "oh, ok then, well yeah, ok then. That makes sense!" Everybody's in shock and saying all kinds of silliness but Tony. He's oblivious. All he can think about is the clock and how it now says 10:03.

So as I'm going back and forth between the security guards and Tony and explaining and everything and trying to calm down Tony and keep the security guards at bay I finally tell Tony, "Hey listen Tony. Too bad for your customer, but those packages aren't getting shipped out tonight. That's just the deal Tony." He says, "ok bomber" I'm like, "Tony you got stop calling me that." He's like, "but that's your name."

Imagine me trying to explain why Tony keeps on referring to me as the bomber to a bunch of security guards who are completely freaked out. Trying to tell them it's just a coincidence that we bum rush through a security gate, furiously drive up into a major warehouse, screaming and yelling about boxes and how we need to get rid of them and get out of there, and it's all just a misunderstanding because Tony doesn't understand this stuff, and oh yeah, let me explain about my name, you see there's this Indiana Jones hobby and this website and it's my nickname because I used to fight in toughman contests and that's what I went by and I use it for Club Obi Wan which is referred to as COW and which I know sounds like a star wars name but it's really about Indiana Jones ??? and this guy whose my friend can't remember it right now and he's calling me the bomber and it's just terrible it's such an unfortunate coincidence with him mixing up my name right now and he makes leather jackets which is also just a coincidence with the name COW because it's the acronym for Club Obi Wan and not for cowhide leather which my friend uses BTW, but he also uses goat and lambskin and makes jackets for hollywood movies and he believes in customer service and he's trying to get his product which could be something made of cowhide ??? I don't really know but which again is just a coincidence with COW club obi wan and anyway he's just tying to get packages sent to someone and no I don't know exactly what's in the packages and hey I'm just along for the ride because he's making me an indiana jones jacket and ???.......... and the big monstrous guard keeps nodding his head likes it's a pogo stick and saying, "yeah, yeah, that makes sense" ........And the whole time Tony's keeps interrupting me from about 10 feet away to say, "hey bomber! HEY BOMBER! We need to unload these boxes and get the h*ll out of here."

And all these security guards are looking at me like Peter Pan just popped out of thin air right in front of them and started speaking in tongues while eating peanut butter out of a jar ???

Unfortunately, I was wearing these dark Ray Ban's Pilot sunglasses. I had lasik eye surgery and one of the side effects for some is major halos around lights at night. For me I wound up with that and with serious sensitivity to light, so during that time I didn't go anywhere without them. I see perfectly now and don't regret it, but sometimes I was forgetting to take them off and we'd just been working in Tony's shop underneath these lights that burned brighter than the sun.

Anyway, I'm sitting there smoking a cigarette 8), wearing sunglasses at 10pm and dressed in party clothes looking like a guy who would totally be a bomber. How we made it out of there without going to jail, I'll never know. What's funny is Tony didn't stop yelling at them the entire time. You people need to get your act together. You people should quit worrying about these silly yellow lines and be helpful. You people shouldn't give out incorrect information. You people should leave the bomber alone. It's amazing you people get any boxes delivered anywhere!

As we're driving back to his shop, we don't say anything for a few minutes and then I turn to Tony and say, "Man Tony, you gotta stop crossing all these yellow lines" and we started laughing til I thought we we're going to puke :laugh: ??? :laugh: ???

It's a testament to Tony's passion for doing what he says, an example of his commitment ;)

I miss Tony :(

Here's to good friends and good times ^-^ 8)

08-31-2010, 09:19 PM
OMG ... awesome story.

08-31-2010, 11:59 PM
Neutronbomb OMG that story made me laugh and made me cry!!!! Your story is so well told I applauded you!!! Thanks for the good laugh I needed it. Wow I need to tell my story now.(not nearly as fun as yours though)

09-01-2010, 12:53 AM
Ok, that was my funny story. Here's one more that's a bit more personal and meant a lot to me. When I went to Tony's service I saw Michael there and we were both wearing our Tony Indy jackets. I looked around and the church was overflowing and you could see Tony jackets sprinkled throughout. Some of them were pretty unique and I know there are probably lots of great stories out there of people and their experiences with having Tony make their jackets. Arnold spoke at the service and relayed some pretty cool Tony stories.

Here's one that's again quite personal, but for me it speaks to Tony's character. I know some of you have already heard it and it's kind of purple heartish, but......ok......last one:

Late one evening, the two of us were taking a break from several hours spent in his shop planning my family's jacket project; a once in a lifetime, unique batch of lambskins from New Zealand, specially tanned by his tannery in Italy just for my project. Tony looked over at me and asked, "How is your father? Tell me about him." And that is something that I will always cherish from Tony. His larger-than-life, sincere, genuine and caring nature. He showed me the meaning of "a Giant among men", in living form.

With Tony intently listening, I said, "Well Tony. I love my father very much. He has always stood by me and has sacrificed tremendously for me and my family." We chatted a bit more and then I relayed a story about my father I had only recently uncovered. My father was a Cobra helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. He never talked about it. Ever. I had recently thought to research my father's Army unit in Vietnam to see if I could obtain some patches for his jacket that Tony was making for him. I stumbled upon a website dedicated to his unit and sent an email to the contact given on the website giving them my father's name, that I was his son, and asking about any unit patches because I was having a special jacket made for my father. A few hours later, I received the reply. "I knew your dad and served with him. Unfortunately no, there are no unit patches available. However, I would like to share a story with you of your dad:"

"We called your dad 'The Ban'Shee'. He had a motto that he lived by. Always land and everyone on, or no one on. Your dad flew insert-and-retrieve missions with marines. He dropped them off and picked them up, out in elephant grass clearings in the jungle. The call would come in. Need pickup. Hot. Ban'Shee please come.' That call came in when the marines where surrounded, crouched down in the elephant grass, taking heavy fire, and urgently needing a pick up. Your dad always landed. Every time. Many times he would sit, unmoving, waiting for every marine to tumble into the helicopter, eyes burning with intensity, watching tracers coming right at him, and bullets puncturing the cockpit bubble. Now, many, many of our pilots never made it back. But your dad, somehow, always did.

One morning, just as the sun was rising, with just the smallest glimmer of light as the dawn broke, the base we were at was under heavy shelling. It had been going on all night. Everyone was huddled in their foxholes made of sandbags, two men to each. A marine unit was stranded out in the elephant grass, out in the jungle. Desperately calling for pickup and under heavy fire. The base commander was not allowing any pilots to go under the kind of heavy shelling we were taking. All of a sudden, I saw our commander, jumping up and down and screaming and waving. I looked and there was your dad. Straight through heavy shelling and tracers, walking directly to his Cobra, climbing in, waiting for it to start up, and then flying off and disappearing low, just over, and into the fog of the jungle.

Many times, pilots decided against landing when the pick up zone was under heavy fire. It was their call and often procedure. Nothing was more despairing to marines though, than to see their hope for rescue turning back. Your dad, always landed.

This time, as your dad landed amidst heavy fire, the marines came hurling through the grass, piling into the Cobra. They all took fire and were wounded. But they were one short. He was downed, back in the elephant grass, and with no one able to retrieve him, there was no choice but for the rest of the marines who had made it to scream for take off. Your dad turned and said, "everyone on, or no one on", and he climbed out, retrieved the downed marine, climbed back into the pilot's seat and flew them back to base.

I asked your dad once. How do you do it? I'll never forget his answer. He told me his first day on base, deep in the jungles of Vietnam, fresh from flight school, he was standing in line as dawn broke, waiting to be processed. He looked up as two cobra helicopters flew into each other and blew up and he looked around and no one even blinked an eye. He said he knew at that moment he was never going to make it out. He was going to die in Vietnam. "I'll never see home again." So every morning he said, when dawn broke, he'd look off into the fog of the jungle and he just knew, that today he was going to die. And he'd say to himself..... "I might as well do it with honor."

Tony didn't say anything. He had just sat there, attentively listening the entire time. We were quiet for a few moments after I finished telling him the story and then we went back to the project.

A few days later Tony calls me and tells me to have your dad meet him in the main terminal of the Denver International Airport on Sunday morning. "Hey Tony, what, why, ......". "Shut up and just do it (click)". So now I have to call my dad and outline briefly what I'm doing and say that Tony wants to meet him at the airport. He says, "Well, ok son."

Tony walks up the ramp into the terminal, right up to my father, and thanks my dad for serving his country and for all he did and that it will be his great honor to make him his jacket. Gives my dad probably his first hug (you just don't give my dad hugs) in over 40 years and again says, "Thank you sir", pulls out a few fitting jackets from his carry on bag, and proceeds to fit him for his special jacket in the middle of the Terminal. A crowd gathered, wondering who the celebrity was as Tony did the fitting as if my father was a king, finishes the fitting, hugs my father again and tells him he is eternally grateful for my father's service to his country, and then turns around and gets back on a plane and flies back to LA.

My dad calls me and for the first time ever I hear tears in his voice. He says, "I've never personally been thanked for my service to my country. I figured no one appreciated it because of the war and everything."

Now the jackets are cool and everything, but what happened with my dad at the airport is priceless. Absolutely.....Priceless. Tony set an example for me that day. He did something for my dad that I had never done. That no one had. Thank you Tony.

09-01-2010, 01:03 AM
That story is even better than the first one, NB. Thank you for honoring us with it.

09-01-2010, 01:24 AM
Amen. I don't mind admitting I had to wipe an eye after reading that. Thanks Bryan. You've got a heck of a Dad.

09-01-2010, 01:45 AM
Thanks guys. A couple of experiences I had with Big Tony that I think really speaks to his character. He was passionate, caring, he had integrity, and I think he really understood people. Hmm.....yelling at security guards. Well you know, neither wind, nor rain, nor snow or however that saying goes. He was a character for sure.

Looking forward to hearing more people tell stories. Love the whatever you do don't mention these jackets if you ever want kids. That's so Tony.

09-01-2010, 01:52 AM
Absolutely another great story. :) Yes, I know when I met Tony last February he did say then how much he appreciated the United States and loved this country. Thanks for sharing!

09-01-2010, 02:44 AM
I posted this in many different forums shortly after his passing.

Last December my family ( wife, 10 year old son, sister and her 17 year old son and I) all came together to go on a holiday cruise to mexico. On the trip down to southern California we stopped in to visit with Tony to get sizes up for a CS jacket.

Here's a shot with Tony and I in his shop during this visit. I have this same shot hanging in my hat shop.

My kid was eyeballing a jacket that Tony had laying around his shop. It was a Ugly Doll letterman jacket. He said to Terry " come here you have to try it on." John, Take a photo for him." My kid is crazy over these things. The ugly Doll jacket was for the creator and his crew who make the dolls and toys (A private order).

Here's the photo

He was so giving of himself and his time. He played and joked with the two boys. He gave both of them jackets. He gave Malcolm ( my sisters kid) a Arnolds classic 2009 jacket just to get him to smile. He asked me why don't kids smile any more. Ok he used some of my favorite 4 letter words but I thought I would clean it up some. He gave my son Terry a Joe Weider jacket. When he was searching for a jacket Terry's size he whispered to me " don't worry I won't let Terry feel left out, I got a jacket for him."

Here they are with their jackets.

Then we got down to getting all my information for my jacket. Had me try on a couple, I tried on one very special jacket. Got all the details worked out and he took a few photo's with us. Now since I got back from my trip I had received many phone calls and I would say only 2 of them where about my order. the jacket was great when I got it and you can read the thread about it in it's own thread.

The story of how giving Tony doesn't end here. My kids birthday is on March 5th. I thought what a great gift it would be if I bought terry a Ugly Doll letter mans jacket from Tony. I called him up and asked what the price was. He said " John I can't do this." " I can't sell these jackets.'' Then it dawned on me what he was saying. It's a private order and he doesn't have the rights to the jacket. He then says " I will make it for him" " It will be my gift to him." I said I couldn't take it and it was to much. He then said " I have to do this, it's his birthday.'' he then asked when his birthday was as to make sure he had it in my hands in time for the big day. He made me promise not to tell anyone about this and I am a man of my word. I wouldn't want Tony to get into trouble over a kids jacket but since the recent news I thought maybe Tony wouldn't mind.

Here's terry in his jacket that he so wanted and Tony mad this little guy very happy. terry made him a really nice Ugly Doll card with this photo in it (Terry's idea).

I don't know him like his personal friends he had close to him but he sure had a way of making you feel like he knew you for years after just meeting him, thats just Tony. What a wonderful man and a kind giving person. You will be missed.

Now I have to go tell Terry when he gets home. Not something I look forward to do.

09-01-2010, 04:40 PM
Bendingoak, that's a beautiful story.
Neutron, yours speaks wonders about Tony, but let me tell you that he just did what your father deserves.

09-01-2010, 05:08 PM
So I would like to share my Tony Nowak story with you. My trip to see Tony was a long time coming and the wait was long enough. After driving 699 miles two Rockstar energy drinks two tanks of gas couple of In-N-Out burgers I finally arrived in Southern California.

First of all after doing all my research of the ultimate Indy jacket I decided to take the plunge and get two jackets. I already own three different Indy jackets from various vendors but the jackets never seemed to fit perfectly. There’re nice jackets but I wish I would of spent the money on a really good jacket. Instead of one here and one there. I could of had a couple of nice jackets from Tony with all the money I spent on the others.

So I drove to our hotel and checked in then I called Tony, no answer! My heart stopped. I called back 30 minutes later still no answer! Panic! Then he called me back and said did you call me? I said yes Tony it's me Zane I'm in town and ready to come see you! He said okay here is my cell phone number call me if you get lost. I called him a month before our trip to see if he might be going out of town because I might need to change my trip dates. Talking with him he said that he was going to be in town and not to worry. Nice guy! So we drove to El Segundo from Anaheim and I had my GPS programmed so we wouldn't get lost. Well I took the wrong exit and we still got lost! We arrived at Tony’s I knock at the door and no answer. Again I panicked. I called him and he said that he was at the post office and he would be right back. The funny thing was I was waiting with my mom, wife and son outside his Shop and the neighbors of Tony’s came out and visited with us!

So after Tony arrived we walked into his shop and started talking about jackets. I told him what I wanted for my jackets and I also had a couple of pictures of jackets I liked. He noticed the pictures and he said wait here lets see the jackets in person put your pictures away. So he started gathering jackets around his shop to show me and to try on. I tried on the original KOTCS Jacket with Harrison Ford specs, the Terminator jacket, Surrogates jacket and many more. After about three hours of just talking and trying on jackets and the tour of his shop we started the order process. He had a funky blue Indy jacket with camouflage pockets and told me to try it on. It fit perfectly! So he started writing down things on this piece of paper. He asked what kind of lining I wanted and showed me three different types. Then the type of leather and distressing I wanted. Then how many pockets on the inside I would like. Then what number I wanted my birthday was still available I was surprised so I got 274 LC and 472 KOTCS.

You know the one thing that was pretty interesting was Tony introduced me to one of his employees. This man I don’t recall his name was the one who sows the jackets for him. Tony was praising him and said “you know this guy is the one who really makes the jackets“. Now don’t get me wrong He
is still there cutting the leather but he has this guy and one more person I met that does all the sowing.

Now one more thing that was amazing to me was my wife and mother were cold in Tony’s shop just watching us do all our talking and trying on jackets. So Tony noticed this and gave my mom and wife a Arnold Classic 2009 jacket! Wow! They loved the jackets and I couldn’t believe it. He also gave me a jacket from one other event he made jackets for and I didn’t even ask he just threw it at me and said “have this its for you“.

So after about five and a half hours in Tony’s shop it was time to go. But the funny thing was he didn’t want us to leave! I also had the chance to met a fellow COW member Masman was his avatar on COW. He was there picking up a Indy Jacket made out of Horse hide! It was killer! Masman Took my picture with Tony and Then with my wife and mom and son. Thanks Masman for the taking the pictures!

So that's my Tony Nowak Story.....





09-01-2010, 07:02 PM

Our stories are very much a like. Just shows what a giving person Tony was.


09-01-2010, 07:19 PM
Well no one can come close to how NB tells a story of his adventures.....but Nefarious and I were a couple of the early takers on the original SL Raiders jackets and he was just great to deal with on the phone, as many have said he had the God given ability to make you feel like you'd known him all your life ,after a 5-10 min conversation, and most of his calls to me when he was perfecting his measurements in fitting a Raiders over the phone and were 10-11 pm with me being in Central time zone and he on the Left Coast........got so my wife would answer phone ,hand it to me and say "it's your new boyfriend".....this was before he had his 'fitting jackets' I believe ,but even with me making measurements on my well fitting leather jacket ( which he made me repeat at least 3 times 'to be sure it's just right for you' ,I was still amazed when it arrived with how perfect it fit,........I've had a couple of custom suits made in my time and it was the same feel , truly 'custom made'.........I'd already been through the same process with the CS with him 6-8 mos earlier but he always made me repeat the measurements he had right in front of him to 'double check it' ....he wanted everyone to get the same or better service than he gave Bernie and the 'big Hollywood stars'......still remember how surprised I was to get a call from him on Thanksgiving and Christmas 'just to check in that the jackets were giving me no problems' and how much he appreciated the business and all the opportunities he's had that moving to the US from Poland had given him........He was true legend and artist

09-01-2010, 07:33 PM
Follow up to the above .....I guess the most surprised I was by one of his calls was 6-8 months after getting my 'Surrogates'..(NB was nice enough to post the pictures and story on Film Jackets) when I was having connection problems.....NB had relayed to me how Tony thought mine was "BETTTER THAN THE ONE I MADE FOR BRUCE WILLIS" since it had the better fitting sleeve length 'since Willis likes his longer' etc.....any way Tony not being that great on the computer , wanted me to send him the link to the pics of mine as well as the movie pics from FJ as he was making one for another customer, "and just want to be sure the distressing is matched up" ......he wanted every jacket he made to be as perfect as possible........I still miss him, like losing a family member.......

09-01-2010, 08:14 PM

Our stories are very much a like. Just shows what a giving person Tony was.


Thanks Oak! I was thinking the same when I was reading yours. ;) By the way my Henry Raiders is absolutely awesome still!

09-01-2010, 10:17 PM

Our stories are very much a like. Just shows what a giving person Tony was.


Thanks Oak! I was thinking the same when I was reading yours. ;) By the way my Henry Raiders is absolutely awesome still!

Im glade to read you like the Henry. Marc did some real work in the creation of that line.

Back about Tony. I go many late night phone calls as well. Went something like this " HI! This is Tony Nowal, did I wake you?" I would respond " no I'm always up at 12:30 " :D if anyone else called me that late I would have been mad but for some strange reason I was always glade to hear his voice. We would end up talking for at least an hour or two.

Last time I talked with him. He called me late night to go over a 2nd jacket I wanted him to make for me. I wanted a Raiders jacket and we ended up talking about the movie Avatar. He really liked it. I will admit I never saw it in the theater. Tony passed and when the movie came out on disc I bought it on Blu Ra just because he liked it and that's the last thing we talked about.

09-02-2010, 03:38 AM
I also got teary eyed over NB's story, quite touching indeed.