View Full Version : Wanted to buy U.S. Wings New Zealand Antique Lambskin IJ "Hero" jacket in size Large

11-21-2012, 02:52 AM
Greetings "Fortune and Glory" members,
Just throwing it out there that if anyone has a U.S. Wings New Zealand Antique Lambskin "Indy style" "Hero" jacket in a size Large for sale, please "drop me" a message here. Specifically looking for the version initially released with the snaps on the storm flap. Had one in possession but, sold it due to being a size too large along with other reasons at the time.

Though I know the jacket is far from accurate from any particular "Indiana Jones" movie styled jacket, loved the leather on that jacket. Wish more jacket vendors had access to that leather.

Anyway, again, if anyone has that particular jacket in the desired size, and that they are willing to part with it, please keep me in mind. Thanks, guys.