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09-06-2012, 08:04 AM
Hi guys. I recently made a small run of 10 posters of the Staff of Kings cover I did for Rob MacGregor. The posters are standard one-sheet movie poster size 60x90 cm or 27 x 40 inches.

7 were bought by fans, one was for myself and one was sent to Rob himself. That leaves 1 left. Anybody want number 10/10? It costs $60 shipped, signed and numbered by me.


Let me know by writing to cg@chrisguldager.com

If you don't know the whole story head over here: http://www.sevenrealmspublishing.com/authors/rob_macgregor/?p=43
Please disregard the poster in the article it's not the final image. The one in the link above is.

Here is a picture of Rob himself with my poster :)